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    Quote Originally Posted by doogles
    Is it that you're unwilling to pay the $80/mo for the PCS Connection Card, and instead you want your phone to provide this free of charge? What if Sprint had an $80/month option to enable the Bluetooth DUN support, would this be good enough?
    I'm not looking for a freebie, but I don't want to pay more than necessary. I have Sprint because, at $15/mo for unlimited data vs. $50/mo from other carriers, Sprint is a bargain. But if adding BT modem capability brings the cost to $80/mo from Sprint while other carriers are still $50/mo, then it's time to switch.
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    Preach it, Bubba!

    The $80/mo. + Connection Card setup is basically a legacy service from the days of Wireless Web, before Vision, before BT on Sprint. With GSM models' DUN profile uncrippled, and GSM carriers offering $50/mo. media plans (e.g. Cingular), consumers would have a hard time justifying paying $30 more for the same service. If nothing else Sprint could retain their de facto policy of only enforcing the no-tethering clause when the user exceeds the 1 GB/mo. bandwidth cap.

    I'm still, no doubt naively, clinging to a vestige of hope that Sprint is simply keeping their DUN policy close to the vest until they unveil whatever new service plans accompany the retail release of the 650.
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