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    Just had my second call with the local store manager. There is a conference call this Wednesday to go over the 650 distribution plan and, based on his past experience, he will have 2 or 3 650s in by next Monday. Luckily, I am on the top of his list and he is holding one for me out of the first shipment.

    I will post again as I hear more from him.
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    The fact that Sprint is going to cripple the bluetooth (and the colour is ugly) makes me want to consider AT&T or...
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    Was there a price tag to go along with your waiting list, thr61?
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    He is going to let me know on Wednesday after the call.

    My guess is that it will be $599, but who knows. There is some sort of very lame rebate he and I discussed ($75), but I did not pay much attention as I will likely sell mine on ebay.
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    Hey, you may not have to turn your old phone in to get the rebate. Find out before you dismiss the $75 offer.
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    The $75 bucks is what you get on Sprint's Buy Back Program for a Treo 600. Is that worth it to u? U could just sell it to some one
    Sprints employees only get 15% off of products at FULL PRICE while customer get instant savings and rebates, so who's really getting screwed?

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