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    I just loaded the newest version of's Treo software -- version 2.5, replacing version 2.1. The new version no longer allows background playback (i.e., playback while using other applications) when playing from the SD card -- even when "enable background playback" is checked in preferences. I called and they claim the change was intentional, though they didn't have a clue why. Since I often listen to books while using other applications, this is a drawback for me.

    So, if you're about to reload the software from audible's web site for any reason, think about this first -- you might want to save a copy of the old version in case you want to go back to it.

    Unfortunately, I didn't expect this diffrence and didn't save the old version. Does anyone have a copy of version 2.1 they could send me?
    Many thanks!
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    PMd you...I have it
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