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    Ok, I think I have an idea on how to do this, but I wanted to check to see if this would be the best way to accomplish my objective.

    Home PC using Outlook 2003 + Pocketmirror Pro

    Work PC using Outlook 2000 + Pocketmirror Pro

    Two categories: Personal & Work

    I want to sync my Treo with both PCs, but keep the Personal category only on the home PC and the Treo. Likewise, I want to keep the work category only on the work PC and the Treo.

    Currently I only sync with my home PC. All Calendar items are set as "Unfiled".

    How would I set this up in Pocketmirror?
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    I doubt that you can sync like that. It's either all or nothing.
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    The problem is I would really like to have a consolidated calendar on my Treo, but don't want my personal things written into my Outlook at work... It should be possible to sync certain categories you would think.
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    Which calendar do you want on the Treo, just the home or just the work?
    Or do you want some of both?

    If you want some of each then that is somewhat impossible (or at least very improbable) but if you want just the work calendar on your treo then it is somewhat easy... Let me know which you want, while I play with a few things =)

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