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    Cooley gives his what he had wanted and what we got and then gives a thery on why no wi-fi:

    Irritatingly, there's no Wi-Fi built in, but maybe someone will finally make an add-on Wi-Fi card that can work in the new Treo. The reason Wi-Fi isn't built in is because the wireless partners that actually sell these things would go nuts: They want you to use their poky data networks and rack up fees, not connect to free high-speed hot spots.
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    I don't buy that theory... most of the data plans are unlimited plans now, so allowing wi-fi access would create less of a strain on the networks and be better for them.
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    1) Unless, of course, people didn't buy an unlimited data plan, or any plan at all, because they can get data via wi-fi. And there are people that have the per byte plans out there, and probably more if they only had to use the non wi-fi access rarely.

    2) A good hot-spot is great, a bad one is a pain and the carriers don't control them. But guess who will get the call when the phone is not working well in a hot-spot. Also, I have read a lot of reports from other devices over the problems with switching between hot-spot and from a hot-spot to a carrier data network. I can see the sprint CSRs getting the complaints now about how a phone won't access the internet in their building or loses connections when the problem is not with Sprint but with the hotspot. When stuff goes wrong, most folks will call the carrier first and I'm sure they dont want to deal with that.

    3) Question. Does ANY company that provides internet access itself also sell a device that can access both the carrier's internet network AND wi-fi hot spots? If there is, I would be interested in talking with a CSR from the company, I bet its a nightmare.

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