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    How could they do such a thing?
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    Call PalmOne and ask them.

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    I agree, that seems like the easiest and not too expensive enhancement to add more memory.
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    IMHO it's just unforgivable to be releasing the 650 with less usable memory than the 600 had.
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    They must have got a deal on 32mb chips off of EBay!!!!
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    23MB left is way too small, if you have a few applications and some e-mails on your Treo. Of course, you could always add an SD-Card, but then where is your extensibility if the slot is always occupied?
    Also, what type of memory are they including? Given that it is labeled "non-volatile", I really hope that it is not flash memory, with its expected lifetime of 1ms (100 000 cycles on a 312MHz CPU don't take that long...).

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