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    I have had the Treo 600 since it became available. Before that I had the Treo 300 and before that the Kyocera 6035.

    The big reason for me going to the 600 from the 300 was battery life. I actually liked the 300s screen and keyboard better. The slot was also nice for backup purposes.

    Overall, the 650 looks like a mild upgrade and fix for some of the 600s missing features...but it doesn't seem to have come very far.

    Is the browser much improved? The browsers on the 300 and 600 basically stink. Horribly slow and lots of limitations.

    Will I be able to buy an SD card and keep it in my phone without having to file it down?

    How about headsets...will I be shaving them down to get them to stay in the jack with the 650?

    The removable battery is no great help as I won't carry another battery and charger with me. Now, if I could slap some AAs in there for emergency purposes that would be nice.

    So...I was surfing around and looked at the hp 6315 and it looks pretty nice. I have no great love for Palm OS as I have found it to be pretty rudimentary and still after all these years kind of buggy (especially when it deals with corrupted files). I'm not going to say that PPC is that much better, but PalmOS doesn't give someone great reasons for sticking.

    So, without bashing on a feature basis why not move to the HP? What are the device's weak points?

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    Like Windows Mobile is stable? :X.
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    I am a converted 6315 user, now using a Treo 600. I will tell you flat out, I was appalled at the device. Out of the box, it doesn't support e-mail with attachments over the GPRS connection. It is a known issue with T-Mobile's GPRS stack, and there is a fix available, but I have heard that some people can't even get the patch to work. I also found the RF strength to be rather low. Granted, I work inside a hospital, so reception is not going to be great. However, I found it a nice surprise when I was in the heart of my job and had two bars of service on the Treo 600, where the 6315 had none. Another problem I noticed with the 6315 was the CONSTANT need for resets. It is also a known issue that T-Mobile phones have a problem with how frequently they try to latch onto a GSM signal once they drift into the no service domain. However, I have yet to reset my Treo 600 in such a situation. With the 6315, I was constantly waiting 5 minutes or more for it to search for a signal before resetting it. It just couldn't find the network.

    I have said it once before, and I will say it again. The 6315 is a good device, as far as the thinking behind it goes. It was not ready to be released when it was, and it still isn't ready. Perhaps if those flaws were worked out, I wouldn't have even come to the wonderful world of the Treo (I am a previous die-hard user of the Visor line). Now given the chance to play with the Treo and use it in everyday life, it suits me far better than the bulky (Oh yeah! I forgot how BRICK LIKE the thing was!) 6315. I won't even give the HP "smartphone" line another look until PalmOne fails me miserably. They have me hooked.

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    I'm sure it's not...I was commenting that there is no huge reason to stick with PalmOS. It's not like it has become a powerful OS over the last 10 years.
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    Thank you...some valid stuff to consider regarding the bugs in the 6315. I've had some real signal quality issues with the 600, but that may more Sprint's fault.
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    I have a Tungsten T3 and had a Treo 600. I'd been sticking with both until the competition's field was complete with the HP 6315 and the Treo 650. Now that I see the Treo 650 has not updated its memory and even hinted at compatability with WiFi/Memory cards, I think I'll be hunting for a 6315 at a reasonable price. Unlocked 6315's are going for less than $600.00 on eBAY and I'm reasonably sure the unlocked Treo 650 will sell for that or more until the 'new' wears off. While I like the Treo form factor, I don't like Palm's short sightedness in not adding memeory and WiFi to the BT, better screen, and faster processor.

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    Were there any websites that focused on the HP?
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    If you are asking about websites focusing on the 6315 like TC does for the 600, then yes...I used HoFo (HowardForums) and went into their pocket PC forum. The entire thing concentrates on the 6315 and the iMate/XDA devices. However, it is worth noting, that the talk and enthusiasm over the 6315 on that site has died down significantly once the real "techies" got their hands on the devices and found the limitations that are included "out-of-the-box." Recently it has been more of the newbie-type discussions of "I searched but can't get this to!" Not worth reading, IMO.

    I was interested, so I brought the e-mail attachment issue patch on CD to the Tmo retailer where I had bought (and exchanged) the 6315, and had him try to install it. The patch went onto their demo device just fine, but when we put in my sim card and set up my e-mail according to the instructions, I still couldn't send ANY size attachment over the GPRS connection.

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    I am not, in any respect, trying to play off "newbies" as lesser existence. Heck, as far as post count is concerned, I still am a "newbie" here. However, I refuse to believe that someone could "do a search" and not come up with ANY relevant results on a severely known and talked about issue. That's just laziness, IMO.


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