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    Dear all,

    I just hope that with the arrival of the Treo 650, the treo 600 forum would still be alive and kicking. I am sure there are some people out there who prefer or can only afford a Treo 600. Myself, for example, is a soon-to-be Treo 600 owner, somewhere between 19 Nov to 30 Nov, after my O'levels.

    Thanks all.

    (at least we have more memory (1MB more) than the Treo 650 eh...)
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    I aint going no where. But seriously, till my business takes off and I am making the big bucks, I won't be making the jump.
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    I don't think the 600 forum is going anywhere soon.

    Judging by a recent poll, 50% of people are either undecided, or will not make the leap or should I say, small hop from a 600.

    Hehe, like the one about the extra 1mb
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    The 650 isn't that much of a leap, IMHO. And we all know that we should wait for the 700 and it's price reductions before we leap. I'm not here a lot, but I'm not going to be leaving.

    Seeya around campus.
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    I'm going to wait a little bit. Besides the screen, the 650 is not doing much for me...
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    Good to hear all that. At least I feel more comfortable about buying Treo 600 now...
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    I'll probably go to the 650, but I have two guys in my office that still will have the 600 (one on sprint and one on ATT I think) so I'll be around for both forums.. (I'm the IT guy so I gotta stay up on both)

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