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    Here in Dallas the parks are being outfitted with wifi hot spot to allow for city emps to get and clear orders.
    I recall how much of a pain it was to need internet access in the office or customers site and then digging into the bag to plug and go.
    I now enjoy the fact that it is built into my laptop its always available.
    So now if the T650 ever gets wifi I will have to lug around the wifi SD card which will mean I will be very limited on my Case options not to mention I will have to be aware of what apps are on the Two different SD cards.
    does anyone agree.
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    Wifi in the parks is great if you spend your time working in parks. Wifi hotspots are great if you're near one.

    Quite honestly, unless your office is outfitted with Wifi, and your IT staff is allowing external Wifi devices, or approves a wireless device for use with Wifi, there is little to gripe about. GPRS/EDGE, 1xRTT/1xEVDO are technologies that work where you are, with less concern over where the access point is. I live in NYC, and am surrounded by hundreds of hotspots, yet it doesn't make a bit of difference to me. With GPRS, I can get online just as easily in the park as on a train moving 120 mph.

    Yes, WiFi would be nice at home... but the no WiFi is not a dealbreaker to me when you're talking about a smartphone.
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    I love WiFi, on my laptop but have little use for it on a phone. That's why I have an unlimited GPRS plan, so I can have wireless data WITHOUT needing a hotspot.
    Honestly, who uses thier phone as a primary web browser?

    Now if Cisco had a VoIP softphone for Palm, I might find something to complain about. . .
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    As I mentioned in another thread, WiFi will eat your battery. If you can get EDGE, why worry about WiFi?
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    Inside of medical centers and/or companies WiFi rules. That is a major target of PalmOne's marketing of the higher-end Treos - at least in theory.
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    Because if you are in a building, it is hard to get signal. Wifi fills the gap plus it is faster.
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    I'll pass on wifi - I want the battery life - but at least put the lastest version of BT in the darn thing!!!!!!
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    I think that a device with cellular data, bluetooth and WiFi would have so many problems that it can never be as popular as the 600 has been. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have WiFi too, however I think it is rather pragmatic on P1's side not to create a device that would be so complicated for many users.

    For example, I've heard MANY reports of problems with HP's 6315 switching between different types of connections. That device is no where as popular as the Treo 600, which has been a huge hit, and I don't think it can catch up with the 600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaytee
    As I mentioned in another thread, WiFi will eat your battery. If you can get EDGE, why worry about WiFi?
    Because I aready have wifi @ home & @ work and AWS data plans are already insanely expensive, I can't wait to see how much they are going to charge for EDGE
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    Try to stream media like a resonable bit rate radio station on a SLOW GPRS connection and you'll know why the WiFi is a must.

    What the cellular companies are affraid of is VOIP!

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