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    I just purchased a TREO 600 with 8mb of data download each month ( $19.95 ) plus my voice plan.

    When I log into the internet ... it is kind of complicated to then log out of the network each time that I want to access something there. Don't know if you noticed but you have to go to preferences / network etc. and then "disconnect" unless I am doing it the hard way......

    I just had the thought that I am not actually being billed anything unless I am down loading something from the net so guess it doesn't matter too much if I am connected to the "Network" all the time. As long as I am NOT downloading anything, I shouldn't be billed ...... Is this correct on AT&T GSM?

    I am investigating WideFind by and Handmark's Express at: as a way to maximize my download efficency.

    Anybody have any other suggestions re. AT&T's network??


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    Yeah, as long as you aren't downloading anything, you aren't being billed. Also, the network will automatically disconnect itself after a period of time, without you having to do anything.

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