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    Wow!! It seems almost unanimous that people who have been extolling the virtues of this device are not going to bother with the upgrade. Of course, certain things were rumor and speculation up until today.

    With that being said, I'm not going to upgrade either, unless they practically give it away. Too much $$$ to justify the upgrade expense.

    Disappointing to say the least
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    well im not spending any more money on it at all its just like i swapped my 600 for a 650 becuase with the money i sold my 600 with a will have more than enough to get a 650
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    Maybe in a few months I can "lose" my T600 and use the warranty plan I pay $4 a month for to get a T650...of course, if they keep pumping out T600's doubt it would happen, but maybe, just MAYBE! Otherwise, I'm yawning. Maybe a big discount! But I have a feeling it won't happen (who cares about customer loyalty!).
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    well, I think the verdict is in: we can officially label the 650 launch a dud.

    the reports of the removable battery wiggling around, being loose is a deal braker in my book by itself. pay $600 for a loose battery device - forget it!

    I hope in Mossberg's review he blasts P1 for only taking just a half step when it would have been so easy just to got a little further and a) have the 1.3 megapixel camera and b) SD card WiFi option available from the getgo.
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    Went from Treo 270 (4 times replaced for free) to Treo 600 (false advertising re: wi-fi sdio support WHEN available). Here are 3 reasons why I won't buy it:

    1) No built in Wi-Fi support
    2) No SDIO power increase to support Wi-FI SDIO (no brainer fix not included)
    3) No other Wi-Fi options

    You can rip me off a couple of times but no more. ;-)
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    The 650 is a nice little toy, but like everyone is saying, its just not worth it. For most people to dig in their pockets again for $600 when they have just paid that much ($400-$600) for the 600 within the last 24 months just doesn't sound to smart to me. A friend of mine was thinking about picking up the 600 so I told him to hold off and wait for the 650 and to pick his poison depending on the price reduction of the 600, but I think I will be holding on to my 600 for atleast a little while longer. Ok, its a lil' smaller and a bit more state-of-the-art, but I am sure I would have to carry both the 600 and the 650 in my pocket for my friends to see the difference and then they would just joke on me for spending $600 for nothing. Its not like jumping from the 300 to the 600 (where we were offered a nice price reduction for being loyal to the company.) PalmOne...nice job...but keep working on it...or atleast the price.
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    As I posted in the other poll...

    I will not be buying one because I'm disappointed with the specs, but because I've spend $1000 on Treo's already... $600 for the 300, $400 for the 600 and have had a total of 9 Treo's used and new through the life of the 2 models.

    I had 5 Treo 300's, and was on my way to the 6th when the 600 was released. Sprint REFUSED to upgrade me to the new model so I gave in and purchased it. I'm already on my 4th 600, 2 had the Signal drop issue, and the 3rd the speaker died. I'm not with a refurb that's in the middle of the units with the signal drop issue and it's started to happen already. My 2nd unit started doing it the day after I got it, by the end of the week I could not even place a phone call while it was plugged in.

    So, I say... Why would I purchase the 3rd iteration of this device? Because 3rd times a charm? Don't think so! Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! I will not be purchasing a Treo 650 for that reason along.

    Now before anyone says I mishandle my Treo, I've never been denied a swap because of water damage, scratches or any other obvious abuse. it always fails diagnostics. In fact, on of my Treo 300's I brought in to Sprint the week I got it in the mail just for fun and had them run diagnostics. It failed! Surprised? I was not! I keep my phone in a leather holster on my belt and have never abused it. Perhaps I've been unlucky, but it's to much to bother with a new one!

    The only way I'll have a Treo 650 is if Sprint gives me one and I doubt that will happen but when I take #4 in for failure, I will not be getting #5! I am saddened by this because I love my Treo! It's an awesome device that has some hardware issues that make it not work the $600 purchase price to me.

    Best of luck to those that spend the money on it!
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    This is a frustrating update for Palm. I was planning on upgrading as soon as I could, but I think I will wait - there is no way a better screen is worth 500+ ( I don't use anything BT right now) For the life of me I don't understand why they couldn't have used the same memory as the T5 and jammed in a better camera, unless they plan on doing that in a few months and calling it an upgrade without having to do any new engineering. Also surely they have noticed their built-in software limitations (doesn't almost everyone use a different launcher or PIM or both) and could do some upgrades to their 5 year old software.
    I am not sure Palmone even has any engineers working for them any more. All of the actual new stuff has come from Handspring, and buying other programs, and I would guess they just have some design firm come up with the look of new PDAs and stick the existing software and componants in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUser
    I have frequently read that Win OS on portable units are VERY unstable and not reliable. Isn't this still true?
    Uh, of course the Windows-based devices are unstable and unreliable, but what does that have to do with anything? The reason you walk around with a giant pocket desktop with WiFi and an office suite is so that you can feel good about having it in your pocket, not so that you can use it or anything silly like that.
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    ACURA TL w/ Bluetooth...I am so upgrading.

    Sorry the rest of you feel this way.

    I am a newcomer to the treo line (Verizon), and I will be upgrading. For months, everyone has been complaining about the lack of BT and the poor screen.

    So it doesn't have wifi, that's what the unlimited data plans are for.

    For all those who will not be upgrading, have fun waiting another year for the next version, it look to be a loooong winter..
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    The features are not enough for me to drop another 500 or so. I will wait for their next upgrade and hopefully it will have wifi.
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    I repeated this on another thread, but: my main reasons for upgrading were high rez and BT laptop tethering. I can deal with a genuinely improved VGA camera if it matches the quality of the Zire 71 or Clie TJ-37.
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    I've been debating this issue because I currently use the Treo for Sprint in conjunction with a T3. I love the T3's screen size and thought I'd really want Wifi...but the more I think about it:
    1. I have an unlimited data with Sprint so I can use that device as much as I want for "surfing" when I'm out and I will mostly likely surf at home from my PC anyway because of screen size. Besides the new company laptop scheduled for Jan will have wifi so if I want to do a lot of surfing from the couch.....I'll just use the laptop.
    2. 320 X 320 screen size is worth it.
    3. Enhanced PIM applications that are similar to the T3's is a plus.
    4. Removal battery is a plus.
    5. Flash RAM is a plus.
    6. Converged device (course the 600 is that now) is another plus.
    7. Camera appears to be better - plus, video without audio does nothing for me though.

    Two things that will push me to buy the new one....MS Exchange compatibility and Bluetooth.

    My reasons for upgrading won't be as valuable to some as they are to me but I've been fluctuating as to whether or not to upgrade. If I don't upgrade, I'd migrate to a PPC device and hopefully a Sprint BT phone and if Sprint follows the Treo's "blocking" feature and disables the BT modem portion......I'm upgrading without a doubt.

    Is the 650 the device we all wanted to see - no but it is an upgrade.

    I think we will see a Cobalt device with Wifi sometime in the first quarter (WAG) and will I upgrade at that, not unless that device has no keyboard and has a 320 X 480 screen and collapseable VG area - then it would be considered but Cobalt will have issues and I'm not certain that I want to beta test for P1 that new OS......too busy.
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    The new hi-res screen alone warrants the upgrade. Just think: with the new hi-res screen you'll be able to see just how bad the VGA pictures look!
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    PDA2K all the way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by good1mike
    I'm beginning to think that Pa1mOne is not as good at product development as Handspring was....
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghileman
    well, I think the verdict is in: we can officially label the 650 launch a dud.
    What launch? No price, no availability, a repeat of the games with Sprint. "Coming soon!" That is not a launch. We will simply change the rumors from features to availability. P1 are scum.
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    If I could somehow get it for less than $200 (got my T300 and T600 both for $250 after rebates), then maybe. Otherwise, no EVDO, no T650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robomon
    Here are 3 reasons why I won't buy it:
    Palm One, Palm One, and Palm One.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtt
    This is a frustrating update for Palm.
    Is it really? Poor babies. I do not think that they are frustrated at all, but even if they are, they will not get any sympathy from me. Design is hard. I sympathize with the designers. But I have no sympathy at all for the product marketing people.
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