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    Im on the fence about upgrading from my 600.

    The faster processor, 320x320, increased colour, and new blazer will be great....I will probably get the 650, just because my options are limited on a CDMA network..but i might just wait a month or so after its public release.
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    Probably not...
    I've never had a need for BT, the below average camera will continue in the 650. Faster processor is nice but my 600 is fast enough.
    Just not enough of a leap for me to shell out another 1000francs
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    I don't know.

    I'd surely get a PPC if it ran on the Palm OS.
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    I have to admit after reading the specs out on the Palm website and the writeup here on TC, I'm a little bit less enthusiastic about the 650 than I was yesterday. I may be comparing it alot more closely with the PPC6600 now than I would before. I know I probably won't be ordering a 650 on the first day; whereas yesterday I would have said I would have. If they have a 600 upgrade plan, that will go a long way in helping me decide what to do.
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    Still disappointed about the memory....I know everyone has hashed it out regarding the memory card option to move apps but its not the same. Still, not a deal breaker unless P1 screws us AND DOES NOT OFFER AND UPGRADE DISCOUNT! I got my t600 in March and I'll be damned if I have to spend another $600+
    Has the question been answered regarding video writing directly to card?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pmdied
    Still, not a deal breaker unless P1 screws us AND DOES NOT OFFER AND UPGRADE DISCOUNT!

    I feel ya. That would be the only way I would get the 650. Otherwise it's the Sprint PPC6600 for me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214

    the mda III blows the treo 650 out of the water as far as specs go. cumulatively, it wins.

    the ONLY thing right now to the treo's advantage is the form factor.
    I have frequently read that Win OS on portable units are VERY unstable and not reliable. Isn't this still true?
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    It just doesn't offer enough improvement over the 600 to make it worth the cost. I can't get a discount through Sprint since I've had my current phone less than 18 months. I'd have to buy a new car cord, new cradle, new USB charge cord, new case.... Way to much money.

    I don't care about bluethooth. The new screen is tempting, but I don't use mine as a photo album, don't play that many games, and most of my use is indoors--the 600 screen is ok. I don't have problems with the current battery, or with typing on the current keyboard. It doesn't offer wi-fi. I already bought software to let me edit MS Office files, and a decent email app. The new and better integrated PIM software would have to be in a whole new league to justify the cost.

    If I didn't already have a 600, and was looking for a smart phone, the T650 would probably be my choice. But not as an upgrade from a 600. Not unless PalmOne offers a really, really big upgrade discount.

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    Not enough improvements to warrant spending again, just 1 year after buying my 600. I'm waiting for the 3rd generation, since my 600 still does most of what I need it to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quitob1

    Not enough improvements to warrant spending again, just 1 year after buying my 600. I'm waiting for the 3rd generation, since my 600 still does most of what I need it to do.
    Ditto. The marginal improvements are for me just that, marginal. I'll wait for the 700 or the 800 or whatever. My 600 is still working well, and it does what I need it to do about as well as the 650 would.
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    I upgraded to a 7100T and am selling my T600.
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    For me its very simple: faster CPU and higher res for SSH sessions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by camartin
    I upgraded to a 7100T and am selling my T600.
    Is that an upgrade?
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    - Pathetic memory (23 mb ram is a joke).
    - No upgrade program, as an existing 600 user, I would be willing to pay ~$100-$150 to upgrade given the 650's disappointing specifications.
    - No wifi
    - Camera is still 0.3 mpixel, I use it alot so this is important to me, zoom is no big addition.
    - Different connector - need new accessories
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    I knew I was definately NOT going to, but then I heard about EDGE support for the GSM model. EDGE + Faster processor + Blazer 4 + 320 screeen make for 100%+ improvement in web browsing, something I find I do a lot of on Treo. I use a combination of Xino, WebViewer, and Blazer now, but on the T650 I imagine I'd have to use the alternate browsers far less, if at all. The 160 pixel display really makes web pages hard to view on T600 no matter what browser you use.

    The rest of the features don't justify the upgrade at $600 or $700 (for unlocked which is what I have on T600.)

    At this this point, I'll most likely wait for the next model (Treo 700???)

    I'm going to 'wait and see'. I want to hear what other people say about the web browsing experience on the T650 GSM or try it for myself. If it's that much better, I MIGHT. Otherwise I'll hold out. By then maybe specs for the Treo 700 or whatever it is might be surfacing (mid next year.) Besides, I won't get it until March after I get my tax return if I do.

    I really think they need to bring the specs up to be on par with other smart phones.
    Namely: Wifi, better cameras, and maybe even 3G are all starting to show up on other devices if they haven't already that do all the same things as Treo. The main reason I stick with treo is the small size and qwerty keyboard. The New HP device seems sweet but it's Gianormous and has no keyboard.

    6/700$$ is a real stretch for the upgrade, but it's a close call to me.

    Regardless, I think PalmOne did a great job with this device. I especially like the removable battery feature of all things.

    I think the GSM users have a lot more to gain with the 650 than the CDMA users for which data speed won't be changing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by camartin
    I upgraded to a 7100T and am selling my T600.
    I'd like to know how that works out for you. The 7100T doesn't look better than the Treo 650 in many aspects, but I know little about the device. If you like it better, by all means please share why. I just want the best.
    Plus, it's Blackberry!
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    I'm with you, Meyerweb.
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    I'm a gadget nut just like all of the rest of you. When I first saw the Treo 180 I almost jumped, but found out that the 270 was coming and waited another 6 months. I had the 270 for almost a year and a half before I got the GSM Treo 600 the first week it was available.

    One thing I liken this upgrade to is a revision change in software. If you own the software "MyProgram 2.0" and upgrade to "MyProgram 2.5", you probably won't expect enormous changes, but rather a few changes and several bug fixes. But if you upgraded from "MyProgram 2.0" to "MyProgram 3.0" you'd have higher expectations given the bigger change in the version number.

    Unfortunately, the Treo 650 is more of a minor revision to the Treo 600 than it is a new version. Of course the big problem is that even though its' a minor update, you would still have to invest in new accessories (I own a keyboard, 2 cradles, travel ac adapter, etc.). I don't think the drastic changes many (including myself) were hoping for will happen for atleast another year.

    I think I'm disappointed with the memory and camera issues. I have historically been greatly disappointed with some of the built-in software applications. I have always hated the lack of complete synchonization with all of the information that Outlook captures for contacts. I hate that the Palm To Do app doesn't capture reminder info you have assigned to Outlook Tasks.

    I am sure that the OS enhancements, better screen, bluetooth, etc. are worthy enhancements, but they don't make me want to relive the hell I had to go through to get my Treo 600 again, and I'll be damned if I'm dishing out another $400-600 this time next year when the version that has everything it's supposed to comes out.
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    Here Here, well said.
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    it hasn't changed enough for me to warrant an upgrade. i think i'll stick with the 600 for a bit longer.
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