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    Just stumbled across this when browsing the palmone treo 650 pages...

    If you look closely, you'll see that the plug has 4 contact points on there! One for a mic, two for stereo, and one for ground! I guess that's why this page says the headset is for the 650 only. This is different than the three contact plugs for the Treo 600. I guess this means that it won't be necessary for the treo to detect the mic, and there will be no switching between mp3 mode and headset mode like you do with the seidio headset out there.

    I see that as a nice improvement. I sometimes forget I'm in mp3 mode when I make a call. Man that annoys the crap out of me.

    Ideally I'd like to do the same over bluetooth, but I'm a little worried about the 650 being able to support stereo audio over bluetooth. Is that possible in the bluetooth headset profile? Or is a different profile needed?
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    My understanding of the Bluetooth protocol stack is that there is not enough electronic bandwidth for 44.1khz uncompressed sound, not even mentioning the stereo factor.
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    Wow, now that is a small yet huge improvement! I was wondering about that one. I also rely on the Seidio and have accidentally made calls in mp3 mode a few times.
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    Does this information mean that the Seidio thing won't work on the 650?

    I was about to jump into buying the 2in1 for my now aging 600 . I would order it anyway since it'll be a while before I get cash to buy a new toy and I want to start enjoying my Treo as an mp3 player.

    Any comments on this upgradeability issue or in the Seidio overall quality would be greatly appreciated because shipping cost would be enormous to get that headphones.

    If any of you already owns Seidio FM transmiter any little review would be really cool, thank you in advance for any info.
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    Looks like this is the case, finally it's possible to listen to music and when you receive an incoming call all you have to do is press the answer button.
    Look at this "Treo 650 Hybrid Headset/Headphones":

    Now, if only the 650 came with a built-in FM stereo radio...


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