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    Hell man....get a *Free* phone with activation.....
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    all the *FREE* phones are "damn good PHONES"

    we are not talking about a phone is supposed to be a smartphone....Phone and PDA with camera...and if another person say that the camera is not a big deal then explain to me why they put a damn camera in the thing in the first place???
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    I agree the camera dissapoints...but if its better than the blue pixels I get now, maybe its OK.
    WiFi would be nice, but its not a deal breaker.
    Bluetooth, I was looking foward to it being able to occasionally be used as a wireless modem on Sprint, but looks like not
    Memory- While 32mb on a Palm is OK, why....
    Screen is now really its only selling point for me, so maybe I will pass, too soon to tell
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    HAHA you guys. Has anyone ever used a T3 with Bluetooth in Place of wifi? IMO it works just as well. You can send and recieve files, get on the web send ringtones way easier, hotsync and control you MAC (PC) with it. WiFI is not all that. I understand in a office setting.
    Bu tall you whining about it? why do you have a phone/pda combo???!?!?!?? Kinda doesn't make sense.

    Camera whinners buy a camera.

    Im getting the Treo. Nice upgrades. RAM sitnks but after having a T3 all the other upgrades are worth it to me
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy
    ...Camera whinners buy a camera.

    Well then can you explain why P1 but a camera on the device????

    If we wanted to carry several devices...we wouldnt be looking to buy a smartphone now then would we???

    Ohhhhhhh....I guess you miss that reason for owning a smartphone.....not very smart on your part.
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    you keep saying that camera whinners should just put up with lower quality....lower expectation???? If P1 made that decision to place the camera on the has to compete with the other devices that over that excuse to say....just buy a camera.....a year ago...yes I would have agreed with you....a VGA camera was great....but now other devices offer better cameras, why not keep up with the other smartphones (at least keep up with them)
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    and if you are not going to keep up with them....dont expect people to pay top dollar for a sub par dollar for high end, cutting edge device is okay, but not for a device that in reality should have been release over a year ago with those specs.
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    Maybe because people have been asking for one? A lot of people do not use the the camera but alas it does have one (a poor one) now doesnt it? People really need to stop being whiney we knew all this info months ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amuka
    Maybe because people have been asking for one? A lot of people do not use the the camera but alas it does have one (a poor one) now doesnt it? People really need to stop being whiney we knew all this info months ago.

    that's not true....we did not know all of this months ago...we thought that it would have a better camera (1.3MP was mentioned), possible wifi card working with the phone....etc...and where do you get your information that people dont use the camera on a phone????
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    We did not know a month ago that the camera was still poor. If I recall correctly everyone was saying it was going to have a 1.3 MP camera and not the 0.3 MP camera. Did I miss something?
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    John bet me to it.
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    John is quick
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    I really did want to buy the 650....but I am finding it hard to purchase the 650 when other phone can do more than the 650...but what is pissing me off is that I waited for almost two months now (when I first heard of the 650 coming out...on this site none-the-less) to find out it is not what it was "claimed to be"....I should have just stuck with a PPC
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    For me, the 650 is perfect. This is simpy bc when I was looking into getting a Treo600, I found this site, and found out about the 650. I am also coming from a T3. If I already owned the 600, I too would be a little ticked off!!! The 600 dealbreaker for me was the low rez screen. I couldn't go from the T3 to the 600 with the screen. I've said it before, the 650 looks to be a 600 with the bugs worked out. I'm not looking forward to shelling out $600+ for something with 23mb available!!! Can the 650 be better? ABSOLUTELY. But for me the 650 is the best thing out there for my needs.
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    WiFi will eat your battery life for lunch. I'd much rather use EDGE for my phone. I'll use WiFi on my laptop where I can afford to have a battery big enough to really power things for a few hours.

    I remember running WiFi on my Zaurus. It was a blast, but just plain sucked the electrons out of the battery...(which didn't last long enough anyway.)

    One of the _great_ things about the treos are that they actually have a decent battery life. Adding anything that will take away from that will cut into any reasonable market share they might have. Believe it or not, most people who buy these phones don't care about WiFi. If they can get their email and browse.. they are thrilled. If their calendars and such are synced up too, more power to them.

    ....but I sure would have enjoyed more RAM. ;-)
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    one thing i havent heard mentioned much, isnt the new 650 manufactured by HTC. If the build quality is better than the 600, for me thats enough right there.

    I went through 4 treo 600's, each with different problems including issues with the screen. If the 650 is more reliable and I wont have to take it back to be exchanged thats money and time saved for me
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    The 650 my well be Palm's epitaph. Palmone must've been bought out by Teresa Heinz because they're just in the "catch-up" business. (Sorry about that). Look what Handspring could accomplish in one year compared to palm. Heres hoping they will truly have a Treo line, releasing a new one before next October.

    Sticking with the same technology while the whole industry changes worked for Polaroid maybe it will work for Palm.
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    jdavid, dont forget any new device will have bugs that need to be worked out....the Treo 600 was a new device, new form have to expect a few bugs with any cutting edge device.

    I'm sure since the 650 is an upgrade of the 600, most of the bugs will have been worked out, but there are new features and parts in the 650 that will be new and may have bugs still to be worked out.
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    I agree with you
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    I've read through this thread and come to the conclusion that no matter what is released someone will be unhappy about it. Don't get me wrong... I'm a little disappointed in the specs for the 650. I figured that after a year the 6xx platform would be mature enough (given the available technology on other platforms) to have ALL of the improvements that have been mentioned in this and other threads.

    With all that said, it comes down to whether or not an individual thinks upgrading is worthwhile. This is an individual choice based on features, finance, and personality.

    Looking at it from the outside (since we're not working in PalmOne's engineering or finance departments), we ask ourselves could PalmOne have:

    1. Put a 1.3MP camera in the 650? (No excuse not to in my opinion).

    2. Used a faster processor? (Perhaps at cost of battery life...though with a removable battery that wouldn't matter as much).

    3. Put in 64MB of AVAILABLE FLASH memory? (Cost could be a factor. I know flash memory used to be rather expensive...I would have paid it. Availability of chips? Hmmm.).

    4. Included WiFI (built-in)...or at least on a card? (RUMOR: conflict with the radio? If so, they need to find another vendor for their equipment...or figure out what others are doing).

    We would like to all think so because we've seen such features in other devices. Would it be at a cost that we could stomach? I don't know. Would it be at the cost of some other features which we have demanded? I don't know. I would love to have answers from a technical person working in PalmOne's engineering department as to why certain features were excluded or limited. But I highly doubt we will ever get such answers.

    What we do know is that the Treo 650 is an improvement over the 600. We may not like the degree of improvement, but I'll take what I can get at this point. Though it certainly could have been better.

    What we uber-geeks really want is everything AND the kitchen sink in one neat tiny package at a cost that makes the purchase a "no-brainer". Reality says it will never happen. By the time the cutting-edge technology meets:

    1. Affordability
    2. Power requirements
    3. Size requirements
    4. Pervasiveness
    5. Quality assurance (properly de-bugged software and bullet-proof hardware)'s then no longer cutting-edge...and thus the cycle repeats itself. What was once exciting and new is now "Ho Hum...Yawn..."

    So, can the ultimate device exist? Sure, if you have unlimited resources to produce one, distribute it, advertise it, etc. Does PalmOne have that? Nope. But at least they're working on it.....and so is everyone else.

    Does the Treo 650 "stink"? In my opinion, no. Could it smell better? Yes.
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