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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214
    I think this about says it all for the treo 650.

    this will be a magnificent upgrade for those who have been using models like the treo 180 or the treo 300, and generally phones which operate on low processing power, limited memory, lack web browser capability and cameras.

    so in that niche, the treo 650 will be a definite hit.

    but for those who have a treo 600, there is very little reason for the investment, except for those of us who want the bleeding edge in screen res.

    better to save that money for the ultimate upgrade so as not to feel frustrated when a smartphone killer arrives in 5 months or more to take away the t650`s appeal.
    It's also not much of a reason for anyone with a Windows Mobile device to switch to Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rome
    Okay, folks, let's try this one more time. More megapixels do NOT always mean better pictures!!!! The new Motorola MP220 has a 1.3 mp camera, and the picture quality is worse than some VGA cameras.

    Let's see what the pictures look like before jumping to any conclusions.
    If it's the same 1.3mp camera that was in my kicks the crap out of the Treo's. And that's from an engineering sample...

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