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    That's it for me! Sorry Palm. You are losing my business. Your Macintosh slights have continued for too long and it is no longer a wise decision for this Mac user to continue using your products.
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    Maybe the Mark/Space guy will make a utility for us?
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    I think you misread it. Video doesn't work on Palmone's desktop software for Mac, but I am almost certain you can playback the video on mac by using a third party software.
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    I have to say, this is a mistake for PalmOne. I'm sure that a 3rd party will write something for it soon enough.
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    Not gonna happen unless you use a Windows machine to convert.

    Read post #3 here

    DirectX does not work on the Mac.

    Documentation specifically says:
    "Video playback is not available on the Mac desktop"
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    Didn't Mac retire from the Cardinal's, so why would he watch videos!!!
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    Woah, what format will the videos be in?? I'm 99% sure the Mac will be able to play whatever it is (be it with QuickTime, or with MPlayer, whatever).

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    The Video will be taken in h.263 format on GSM Treo 650's and MPEG4 on CDMA Treos - both formats which quicktime can play. PalmOne will not be providing their desktop sync program for Mac as they will for Windows however.
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    Good grief, don't get so excited Archie! All ya gotta do is transfer your movie to the card, and mount your card on the desktop, and transfer it off! QT can read both formats.

    I am MUCH more worried at what the carriers will do to disable the bluetooth functions.
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    I do hope I'm wrong.
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    You are quite wrong:


    (I just watched the video on my 12" Powerbook)
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    I'm sure it will work on a Mac. Didnt quicktime help create some of those technologies?
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    Beat me to it. LOL
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    Yes, I am quite wrong. But I was just going by what the website said.

    "Video playback is not available on the Mac desktop"

    In addition, it goes on to say that Windows Media Player 9 and DirectX is required for video encoding.

    I see no mention of the use of h.263 or MPEG4 anywhere BUT, I HAVE just read Treocentral’s front page article and watched the video. I am happier. Yeahhhh!

    Yes, Apple’s QT was the basis for MPEG4. That much I know.

    NOW, some one tell me their press release is incorrect as well because on the last page it says that Bluetooth synchronization is only available for Windows.
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    That would be incorrect too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHandlessKing
    That would be incorrect too.

    Huh? I don't understand. I just cut this from the link you yourself posted:

    "Sound familiar? It should. You’ve been able to mix media with Apple’s QuickTime technology for over a decade, storing each new type in a separate track. With this kind of extensibility, it’s no surprise that the ISO chose the QuickTime file format as the foundation for the new MPEG-4 standard."
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    Oh wait, you were probably joking about the Bluetooth stuff. Sorry.

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