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    Nice catch! Thanks!
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    That's it!
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    Did you catch the "notfy me when treo 650 is available" option?
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    Sweet blessed buffalo carrots! It lives!
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    Already signed up. This is the real deal.
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    Where is that "Seldom" Vistor when you need him the most....
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    Hmm...well that confirms the last few things that were mysteries to me:

    1) Camera is in fact 640 by 480 (Dutch was right!) ;-)

    2) Bluetooth is not crippled. It says printers, car kits, headsets etc..and most importantly (to me) the GPS navigator car kit!

    3) Still very unclear is the SD slot will support WiFi...the lack of that info makes me think...NOT. Thanks for the link!
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    Sweet...fasten your seat belts. The race is on....Thanks.
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    IT'S ALIVE!!!!

    What are the chances we get that email saying its available in 2 hours?

    Yeah, yeah... slim and none... but I want that D$MN phone!!!!
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    The interesting thing is that those pages aren't yet available simply by navigating from the P1 page. I couldn't find them unless I used the link netshorty posted above - not that I think that makes any difference, I just think this is still a couple hours ahead of P1 making it totally public.

    If you click on some of the other links, you'll see the pages haven't been linked yet.

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    Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync works only on Treo™ 650 smartphones. It will not work with the Tungsten™ T5 handheld or the Treo 600 smartphone.

    Why why why? Why would Exchange Activesync work on the 650 but not the 600? Do you think PalmOne will eventually release it for the Treo 600 as well?
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    I'm new to this board, but seems that P1 is missing a chance here. I am trying to decide which phone to buy and it appears that there are many other phones coming out or are already out that can do everything is "NEW" phone is supposed to do. Did I miss something in the specs.? Why VGA? how is that improving? Why so little memory?? What is so special about this phone that others phones can't do??? Can anyone explain please?
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    whatevers. thats a cheap photoshop. i knew the 650 didnt exist.
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    I can't remember how I initially got to that page but working backward, here's another link on the palmone page...
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    The initial reason, I'd guess, is that the 600 uses 5.2 and the 650 uses 5.4.x. That doesn explain the T5 part of the equation though. Maybe it's one of those stupid Microsoft licensing things. Maybe P1 could only make the deal if they limited it to the 650?

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    WOW - So now can we start talking about the "next" gen. Treo, since we won't have anything to whine about for awhile!?!?
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    hehe i was kidding before. it is linked up though.

    if you go to
    click the stores tab
    go to the treo store
    and boom there it is. done deal..

    however this page tells me that we wont be unloading our dough to palmOne just yet seeing as how it says SOON it will be available. they want us to just be popping with impatience so the price doesnt even factor in when it does come out. what $800 ? oh fine.
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    Woo Hoo!!!!! I want it NOW!!! It's there!
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    I just called PalmOne and the sales rep told me that they had just received notice 10 minutes ago that they were going to get calls on the Treo 650. I had to show him the website. He had no information (including price, availability, etc), but stated that I might want to call back after midnight or that I could even call carriers after midnight (he mentioned AT&T and Sprint by name....though he seemed just to be talking not knowing). Just thought I'd share my attempt to get it.
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