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    Thinking of getting a Smartphone.

    (what's wrong with the Cardinals??? )
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    Have the best form factor.
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    One thing that means everything to me: Palm OS.
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    This is one of those questions that I can't help but answer. The list would be much shorter if you made a list of what they do similar.

    On the other hand - if a person asks such a question, then they probably wouldn't notice the difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbranscum
    Thinking of getting a Smartphone.

    (what's wrong with the Cardinals??? )
    well i have an mpx200 and a mio 8390. they are two very nice products. im going to get the treo 650. the two smartphones, just arent "pda-enough" for me. there is just a handful of software available. emulators run nice on them and so do mp3s and movies. i just need more of a pda. the treo 650 seems to be everything i want in a phone...

    also, i live in houston and am an astros fan but now im pulling for the cardinals. i at least want to say that we lost to the best, doesnt look that way right now though
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    As a phone, the smartphones are much better than the current Treo 600. I really miss my MPx200 sometimes because it was so much better with Outlook synchronization and phone operation. There are some fields in a contact's info that the Treo just doesn't if there are two adresses for a contact the Treo ignores the second one. Not cool, since we have three homes and the second two are not held in it. Dumb. However, the Treo is much better with email and SMS. The keyboard is one obvious reason, but the MPx200 has a problem with text entry. It sometimes seems to think there have been multiple key presses when there haven't been. Really annoying when answering (or attempting to) a message...better to just give up and call! I like the availability of apps. for the Palm OS, but in my experience I only need those apps because they aren't included in the Treo, like they often are in the smartphones.

    I will either buy the Treo 650 or the new MPx220 in the near future, as I really enjoy both forms and operating systems, but for different reasons. If you need a phone that handles the most important PDA functions impressively, get a smartphone. If you need a good messaging device and are ok with sometimes limited Outlook info, the Treo is tops.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbranscum
    Thinking of getting a Smartphone.

    (what's wrong with the Cardinals??? )
    I'm sure the Cards are a great team... just when they are not playing the Sox hehehehe

    If you are getting a smart phone and don't have a Treo 600 get the 650. You'll Love it. It's the Treo 600 plus some nice extras...

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    If he doesn't know the difference between a smartphone and Treo, maybe he should go for the Treo 600 BigRed. Don't you think?

    With the T650 coming out, the 600s will be priced to move. Based on your question, unless you need Bluetooth or a higher screen resolution, you won't really notice the difference between the two models. So you might as well save a FEW HUNDRED dollars and go for the 600.
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    Well with the smart phone you don't get the chance to Hack the software to get basic features that less expensive phone already have built in. Outlook sync. Voice Memo, Wifi, how about tweeking the camera feature so it would look better.
    Ya just don't get to be a BETA tester as much on smart phones the basic work.

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