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    Here's my take on the wifi, camera, mass storage, etc shortcomings of the Treo 650. If you look at palmOnes device history it would almost have to be EXPECTED that they would have multiple versions of the same device. Look at the Tungsten line for example. I am sure plenty of people had plenty to complain about with the very first model. What did we see? The Tungsten W with a phone, the Tungsten C with wifi, the Tungsten Tx series with mass storage etc. Had they put all of that into one device at the time it'd be way too expensive and draw way too much battery power to be worth selling. Now I'm sure you say, well that's great, but why didn't they do that with the 600? Simple, that was Handspring, this is palmOne. We have heard of hints of the "new line of Treo smartphones". I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if a couple of months after the initial 650 is released we see a say "650 W" with wifi or a "650 S" with lots of storage memory or "650 C" with a nice camera. It's just palmOne's way of doing things. Patience is a wonderful thing. Anyway, that's just my optimistic view.
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    There is one big difference with the Treo and the Tugstens, the fact that Palm1 has to deal with the desires and demands of the carrieres. IF the 650 does not have 1.3 meg camera, it could easily be because Sprint didnt want the bandwith demands.

    Same with the lack of wi-fi. Sprint or Verizon may not want it. And as for the low internal memory, that may be to limit how much data usage for music downloads and the like so Sprint won't charge more for the unlimited data plan with this device like they do with the Microsoft OS.

    All speculation, but the point is, there are more factors with the Treo than with the Tungsten.
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    electronics to make it a phone rather than just a tungsten cost money too. i think they are just skimping on features to keep the price at least in the upper range. i mean would anyone here get the treo 650 with a 2 megapixel camera and 128 megs of storage etc if it cost $1100 if you had a treo 600 already?

    wifi definitely cut cuz of carriers though. i could see tmobile rolling out a "Treo W" but not sprint. they have nothing to gain and lots to lose. tmobile has their own hot spots but sprint would just lose out with people cutting vision. i dunno im tired of waiting though thats for sure.
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    And what happened with the Tungsten W? It got discontinued. I don't think that was the direction that Palm wanted to take. Furthermore, the W's weren't selling well - facing stiff competition from Pocket PC's that were well ahead of the game.

    For several reasons I don't think what you suggest will happen.

    1) Falls in the face of competitive trends and convergence. PPC manufacturers have upped the ante by providing an all-in-one, end all solution. They've included BT and Wifi in recent and upcoming units. Furthermore, processor speeds and memory are respectable (relative to P1's offerings).

    2) Critical mass. I don't think Palm has it in order to introduce three separate devices distinguished by what are now "commonplace" technologies. Keep in mind that when Tungsten W and C were released Wifi and wireless connectivity were relatively new concepts for Palm, even though they were a little over a year and a half ago. BT appears to be the standard now in prosumer units. Wifi is gravy. Point is - it is not difficult (nor costly) to implement these technologies now.

    3) Pricing, distribution and wireless service providers. I think they would like to stick with one unit and keep things simple. It may sound like a naive point, but when you're dealing with unit contracts in the 1000s it makes a difference in what products sell and what products don't. Besides, I don't think service providers would be too thrilled about integrated Wifi. Tiered pricing is good for PDA's and Palm already has that. This is because the target market for these devices is huge. They need to create tiers to identify the needs of the different niche's and sell the applicable products according to their needs. A prosumer phone is a niche market in and of itself. Even though Blackberry has tried to implement the BT/Wifi strategy - they have a bigger target audience to play with. Also, BB isn't a true PDA. Comparing Treos and BB's is not really a fair comparison.

    End rant.

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