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    how many wants the new 650 because they want a better game play, video playback, and picture ... or whatever entertainment reason....

    and how many wants an upgrade because their 600 is not enough for work, business, contact, phone call, note taking, pda reading, ... or whatever reason that makes their live or work more productive...
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    I dumped the Treo 600 for both of the reasons above (and others)!
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    I currently have a T3 and a SE T68i. My phone has gone a bit flakey and I am considering the 650 as a combination solution, but have not yet decided. I am not sure that I can go from 64MB to 32MB, but I would like to have a GSM Palm and a thumboard. Actually, if there was a thumboard that I could attach to my T3 then I would hold off upgrading until a Cobalt Treo is released.
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    I want it for the better resolution.
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    I want the Treo 700 with built in WiFi, Cobalt, 1.3 Cam, 64 mb, and a removable full battery that is the back cover. Not a flimsy,creeky piece of plastic cover. Forget the 650!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MizVivienne
    I want it for the better resolution.
    I went from a Tungsten E to the T600. I'm having trouble dealing with the subpar resolution of the 600 as well.

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