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    I have a 1 GB SD card with a bunch of MP3s. I use RealPlayer to play said MP3s, but I don't think it matters, because (although I haven't specifically tested for it) I think the same problem happens with all software.

    Anyway, if I have the RealPlayer on, then I pause it, switch to the phone app and call someone, then go back to the RealPlayer after I'm done with the phone, the RealPlayer can't find any files on my SD card (or probably the SD card itself). So I have to eject it and put it back, and then it can read it again. This is annoying because I keep having to find my place on the playlist.

    Now, if the RealPlayer's playing, and I get a phone call, take it, then when I go back to the RealPlayer, it still picks up from where I paused it.

    Any help?
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