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    I can't find the thread (sorry), but I think I read from someone that they would be touting a $50 discount with the Treo 650 with an Audible subscription. But Audible has had a $100 discount for a number of PDAs (including the 600) for a while now. So why would they be so cheap and only give up a $50 discount with the 650?

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    Audible and cheap in the same sentance, whats going on?????
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    Yup. I guess it's official. So if you sign up for a one-year subscription with Audible and buy a Treo 600 you can get $100 back, but the even more expensive Treo 650 only gets you $50. Boy, they're really piling it on with this one. I think Hawkins has his eyes on Carl's old 24k gold threaded suit.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    I looked at the fine print on Audible's $100 off page and the T600 is not explicitly listed, although there is a picture of a treo on the page. I called PalmOne and they confirmed that the $100 audible discount applies only to their PDA line not to their smartphone line, even though the T600 is "Audible Ready". I asked about the T650 and they said there is only a $50 off deal when signing up for audible (here: )

    So there goes my plan of getting an extra $100 (initially, paid back at $14.95 for the next year) off my new T650.
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    Well, according to this page on MobilePlanet the GSM Treo 600 is included, and this page on J&R says that the Treo 600 (no mention of it needing to be GSM) is included. Amazon also lists the Sprint Treo 600, though the Audible info page on Amazon states that the offer ends 9/30, so you'd want to call them to confirm. Take a look at this Amazon page for phone number info.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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