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    If you are reading this it is probably only because you want to see if someone is foolish enough to even compare the two.

    Well, I did. But only for the sake of people who don't understand the power of the Treo.

    Copy and paste this URL in your browser address bar:
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    I'm getting a 404 error trying to access your review.
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    It just worked for me.
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    You miss an obvious point. Blackberry integrates securly with company email. Yes, both Treo and Blackberry's can do this but most companies already have a blackberry server. My company only supports blackberry so I can't get my Lotus NOtes mail on my treo.
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    You are right, Louis.

    That is why I'm hoping the BB client offered for Palm devices will be offered soon and will work as well as the BB. I'm currently using Verizon Wireless Sync for Lotus Notes and I know others are successful with Sprint BC. (Have you tried one of these?)

    These redirector solutions lack the reliability of a 24X7 supported BB server. Also, those with BB also have Sametime IM.

    I do agree with all of the points pcsnpixels made in the article though.
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    It is only a matter of time. RIM and PalmSource began a relationship two years ago, perhaps a little longer.

    I found this press release on PalmSource that may address the matter.

    I realize that PalmOne and PalmSource are different companies now. But if any Palm supporting company can create a cross-over relationship with RIM everyone stands to win. Typically BlackBerry users don't want Palms and vice versa, but each has a niche that the other one wants.
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    Louis, this worked for Treo users at a company using Notes and BES and would not entertain any other wireless email solution:

    -Go into Notes
    -Go to "Tools"
    -Go to "Rules"
    -Go to "New Rule"
    -Click on "Send full copy of isp email (your home email or fastmail or yahoo email etc..)of my choice"

    Now you should be able to receive your work email on a pop3 or imap isp server. From there you can use the Mail app, imchatter, snappermail, visto, seven, mailwave etc..

    This works for companies that have not disabled the "redirect" email function. The cool thing is you see the email come in from the actual sender.

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    One thing keeping the BB alive - Crackberries!

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