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    I have a Treo 90, and I really like it (I suck at using Graffiti; most people can't read my writing, so a computer has no chance of deciphering it, either), esp. the keyboard.
    But, the other day, I noticed that the Treo wasn't shutting off, although it was configured to do so in "Preferences", after 30 seconds. I tried resetting it, but it wouldn't come back on. When I put it in the charging/sync cradle, it wouldn't charge. Finally, today, I tried again to put it in the cradle, and it started charging, but it still won't turn off. I just tried resetting it, but it won't turn on now. Sigh... What should I do?
    Do I simply need a new battery, or is it time to wish this thing the best, and move on (>sniff, sniff<) to a new PDA?
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    Try doing a battery reset... if that does not work you can find a battery online with ease.
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    How do I do a battery reset on a Treo 90?
    And, do you think that this is a battery problem?

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