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    I have been following this group for quite some time and am eagerly awaiting the T650. I am a bit confused about some of the comments as to why P1 has selected Bluetooth 1.0 versus the later 2 versions 1.1 and 1.2. I have searched with Google and cannot find any info that is not too technical about version differences. Perhaps some of our real tech fans can supply a simple comparison and why it is so important to some of us to have the latest version.

    Thanks to all
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    Has it been confirmed that BT 1.0 will be in the Treo 650?
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    It's been confirmed that they will be using Bluetooth 1.1...

    parts of it anyway.
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    using bt 1.1 instead of 1.2.

    Biggest oversight, bordering on incompetence.

    can wait for all the headset complaints...

    Tardanic, IMHO.
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    As to why 1.2 is better?

    Off the top of my head!
    - 1.1 is much more suseptable to interference and drop-outs than 1.2,
    - 1.2 is much faster to connect (ie phone to headset)
    - 1.2 better voice/audio quality
    - 1.2 is much faster (data transfer say for syncing your PDA over BT)

    why Palm is using 1.1, it is just another case of Palm incompetence (sorry thats harsh but they are doing some real stupid things lately!)
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    Is there a way (hack?) to load 1.2?
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    there is no way to hack it..the chipsets for each are different.
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    Man, that sucks. Why is P1 such a ding-dong?!

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