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    Anyone using Cingular Treo Service in the East Tennessee (Knoxville/PigeonForge/Sevierville) area? My Boss just approved the purchase of my Treo 600 but I have to pay for the monthly service. I went to my local store and they guy there just blew me off without even attempting to answer my questions. I want to pick up a Treo 600 but can't afford to keep ATT because of their $50 data plan. I was thinking that I could do the Cingular or Sprint services (although I hear that Sprint's coverage here is not that good). Both can get me service for around $50 per month.

    I think Verizon and Att has the best coverage but I just can't swing $80 - $100 per month. (Starting a new family)

    Thanks in advance.

    Robb Feldhege
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    I live In west Knoxville and have Sprint service. Coverage is not great at my home but I typically have at least 2 bars. In and around Knoxville my service is normally quite good. I travel to Atlanta, Charlotte and other major cities in the Souteast and have as good of coverage as others.

    I too am curious about Cingular and how coverage/service will be enhanced with their acquisition of ATT wireless.

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