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    Sorry for what some is an easy question, but:

    Given the following assumptions:
    [1] Once the T650 is available somwhere
    [2] Money is no object
    [3] I am willing to switch to any carrier
    [4] The T650 will be available as a CDMA from Sprint before other carriers

    Is there any advantage/disadvantage of buying the phone directly from PalmOne vs. going through Sprint (either online or at a local store)?

    If I buy from PalmOne, does it come with a SIM that I then activate either over the phone or buy taking it to a Sprint store, when I then negotiate any rebates for signing a particular length contract.

    THanks for your help!
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    Sprint=CDMA=no SIM
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    (oh...well that's one question down...)

    So, then are rebates for signing a contract available for phone purchased both at a Sprint store and those purchased directly from PalmOne?
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    Sprint typically offers rebates for contractual signings... generally better for 2yr contract

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