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    does the palmOne "POP3 Mail application for Treo 600" work on the Verizon version Treo 600?
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    I just got a Verizon T600 yesterday and set up my POP3 email today. It works great. Use the Verizon CDROM - it will direct you to the intellisync download page.
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    I ran the CD three times, and always get errors.
    This application is on the palmOne site, and allows retrieval of pop3 mail without involving your home PC in any allows direct access to you providers server without the "always on" push of course.
    It works well for other carriers, but I'm wondering how it would work on the Verizon unit.
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    If you don't need "push" services for all your office apps, and just want to be able to check mail using your Treo, I'd say get Snappermail. It's a great program. And even the premium version (supports IMAP) only costs about $50. The basic version, I think, is $30.
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    Unfortunately the Verizon intellisync seems to be PC only.
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    I agree with the Snappermail recommendation and if you prefer a free program and don't need attachments, look into Eudorasuite.
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    I need an email app with customizable ports, specifically for the smtp server. I also need SSL for smtp. what do you guys suggest?
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    Intelisync works great. The only problem is, my internet/email provider (cox) labels spam emails before they get to outlook. Outlook filters these spam emails to a spam folder instead of the inbox. Since intelisync is between the email server and outlook on my computer, my treo gets all the emails labeled spam. It's easy enough to go through and delete them, but it's kind of a pain since I get so many.
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    Snappermail supports custom ports and SSL.

    It is my favorite mail program.
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    Greatly appreciate all your input.
    Snapper seems to be a nice choice for my need.
    Be well and enjoy!
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    Go with SnapperMail. Verizon services are terrible at best. I have the ability to check multiple accounts, POP3 and IMAP as needed. Great to keep in touch.
    Michael Young
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    Anyone using Snappermail with Optonline account?
    I can receive mail, but can't seem to send...the app does a timeout.

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