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    They dropped the ball. They should have come to this site. There is alot of treo users just looking for a reason to buy the 650. I agree with others that the 650 is not worth me buying while my 600 still works.
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    Reality check time . . .
    Despite all the reports about the 650 having only 32MB RAM, I guess I've been hoping all along that the production model would have at least 64MB. I think releasing a premium device like the Treo 650 with anything less than 64MB is unconscionable. (I think even 64MB is borderline - the device should really have more.) Whether most of us can get away with only 32MB is irrelevant. The only rational reason I can come up with is that PalmOne is planning to release additional higher-powered Treo models in the near future, with incrementally higher RAM levels. Even this rationale, however doesn't make me feel any better about 32MB on the 650. The 600 had 32MB when it was released over a year ago. Even if PalmOne is laying the foundation for a broad range of Treo models, 32MB in the 650 is not enough!
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    Hi-Res Screen (4X more screen real estate)
    EDGE / 1xRTT (faster web surfing speed!)
    Bluetooth (wireless headset + laptop connectivity through phone)
    Better Keyboard Layout & Size
    Faster Processor
    VersaMail has ActiveSync (Free!)

    Come on, guys! These are all good reasons to upgrade to 650. Sometimes we are so focused on the glass half empty that we forget the glass is actually half full.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    Other thing to consider is that Hi-Res programs take up more memory than lo-res typically, so the same apps you have today that come in a hi-res version are going to take up more space than what's on your treo today...

    we'll have to wait and see....
    I don't think this is as many programs as you hint at. Most vector based drawing systems are indifferent to resolution. Some games may have larger bitmap files, but for the most part, the programs on your treo right now are already high res. Remember, initially OS5 was only a high res system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rome
    I think you just made the point for P1. Why have more memory when you can add it later for cheap? Plus, more RAM means shorter battery life, unless if you use flash memory.
    How much power does memory draw?
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    You're right, techjunkie. I'm still probably going to get a 650, if for nothing else but the hi-res display. I used Clies and Tungstens before I got my 600 and I'm still longing to have the high resolution back. I also understand there are always marketing decisions and trade-offs. There are those that are saying no built-in WiFi makes the 650 a no-show. Others are ragging PalmOne about choosing to incorporate BT 1.1 instead of 1.2. Yet others complain about the aparent lack of an increase in camera resolution. We all have different priorities. I just feel like after a year, with memory prices as low as they are, PalmOne has shown an error in judgement to release the 650 with only 32MB RAM - Especially when added features will result in LESS memory available to the end user.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    Other thing to consider is that Hi-Res programs take up more memory than lo-res typically, so the same apps you have today that come in a hi-res version are going to take up more space than what's on your treo today...
    Why do you think this? Are you telling me that Microsoft Word (for example) requires more memory when running at high resolutions?

    PalmOS programs designed for the hi-res screen take up about the same amount of memory as a low-res version, all else being equal. You would only be correct if a program used lots of bitmapped graphics (such as for icons), and the hi-res version includes hi-res versions of those graphics. Even then, the delta would probably not be significant compared to the size of the program itself.

    But since very few PalmOS programs use bitmaps extensively, and those that do may not even bother to scale up their icons anyway, it is not at all typical that hi-res programs take up more memory than low-res versions.
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    While it may not be typical that the software on a high res screen takes up more memory, I'd say that 90% of games are like that.
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    At the same time 90% of games can be ran off of SD.
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    By way of comparison, Insaniquarium, a graphics-heavy game, has a size ranging between 325kb for the 160x160 version up to 515kb for the 320x480 version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IamVincent
    Very very very short sighted of them. Too bad that they think the T5 should have 256M but a "phone" doesn't need that much.. Hopefully sales figures will wake them up...

    I know they're probably thinking you can use an SD card, but what they're not thinking of is that a lot of applications need to record to ram (using a card it too slow) to be able to record voice memos (audio) and or small video clips. Not to mention that I easily have more than 23 MB of applications and their associated databases... (Like the bibe with 5 translations for example)

    The T5 has only 55MB or so of useable RAM. The balance is similar to a builtin SD card and can only be used as such.

    I have 16M free on my Treo and 39.5M free on my T3 but both have the same programs running on them...exactly. The only difference is I've moved some of the pictures into RAM on the T3 and some DTG files as well but both could easily be stored on the SD card.

    I don't think 23 or 24M of RAM on the 650 is a reason to upgrade as long as it will run the new 1GB SD cards.....if you need to carry much more than that then better carry your laptop?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    How much power does memory draw?
    It depends on what kind of RAM is being used in the device. The bottom line is that more RAM generally equates to higher power consumption. While the power numbers may look small at the first glance, but they add up over time.

    Below is a link to a good read on Mobile RAM Power Consumption:
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    Quote Originally Posted by wahili
    if i hadnt sold my 600 already i think i would have just kept it. >,<
    I was planning to sell my 600 prior to the release of the 650 to maximize the selling price. But as each day gets closer to the release date and more specs are being released of the 650, I finally decided to keep my 600. I will wait for WiFi.
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    not upgrading. consider what palmone has done.

    its basically a treo 600, same ram, same size, only minute changes in keyboard, same screen size - no landscape view, no wifi.

    you'll have to cram current software into what SHOULD be an appreciable increase in ram - which was the deal-breaker for me. you'll have to pay $800 and buy a slew of completely new accessories for something that is not much different from the treo you already have.

    im pining for a new upgrade. the 320 x 320 screen is tempting, but I can't justify $800 for just a screen res, flash memory, questionable camera, and small incremental processor upgrade enhancement.

    it bothers me to say it, but the treo 650 isn't worth the upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ianjd
    I think you'll find that although the 240k Documents program needs to be in RAM, you can keep the WordToGo (738k), SheetToGo (577k) and SlideshowToGo (314k) on the SD card, and they'll just get loaded to RAM when needed. Certainly that was the case a couple of versions back.
    So I can open an attachment, whether its an Excel spreadsheet or Word doc while those sub-apps(Word to go, sheet to go, etc) are on the card? What about WP_P2P(176K) and SS_P2P?(222K)? Can they be moved or do they have to stay?
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    I almost get the feeling that we're suffering due to an internal "war" between the consumed Handspring and Palm. Palm WANTS to kill the Handspring line for good. Don't think for a second that there's not at least a modicum of animosity towards Handspring. If they hadn't made the Visor mistake, they would've buried Palm.

    Now, how do you kill the momentum. Get all the techs screaming that the new 650 sucks, don't buy it. I can tell you that I'm small potatoes, but I'm already telling people to skip this upgrade. Plus, the announcement of the deal with MS is a HUGE turn off. Maybe part of the deal was to let PocketPCs catch up ? And isn't there a rumor that P1 is going to be selling PocketPCs soon ?

    This all sucks !!!
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    Well, I had every one of my palm devices upgraded, even though I voided warranty, until I got my 180 (and then my 270 and then my 600).
    So, I upgraded my palm 3, Palm V, my Visor and my prism. I'll send a message to the guy at palmpilotupgrades and see if he is willing to upgrade my 650 (or if its even possible). I will want only 64 Megs now. I will do the ugprade, but I'm extremely dissapointed on the memory on the 650. With the latest Good Tech and also checking my own personal e-mail on my 600, I'm constantly filling the device. I have a 1GB SD Card now, but you STILL need at least another 32MB free on the device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treominator
    How can anyone with a Treo 600 and the software and the cases and the adapters etc etc etc etc POSSIBLY justify shelling out a wad of cash for this one????
    ITA. I upgraded from the Kyocera 7135 (still a wonderful device, BTW) to the Treo 600 and one of the draws was the additional 5MB available RAM. It really surprises me that PalmONE didn't provide at least 8MB more RAM on the 650.

    The screen and the replaceable battery are the two tempting features for me though. The battery life on the Treo 600 is the same the 7135 but a replaceable battery (not some bulky add-on) would make it bearable. It is still not worth switching to Sprint for those features.
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    The real question to me is whether anyone will offer upgrading the RAM to a larger size. If anyone remembers back to the old Palm V which 2mb of RAM, some enterprising companies offered to desolder the on-board memory and solder on an 8mb chip. It worked well too.

    I'd certainly pay $250 to have a Treo 650 upgraded to 64mb of RAM.
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    with the momentum of competition producing FAMILIES of devices at the current blackberry, motorola, etc, and with palmone taking 1 to 2 years to produce... what.. TWO devices?

    positively pathetic.

    at this rate, it will take 2 years for another upgrade from palmone, and this is simply unacceptable.

    i will enjoy the treo 600 for as long as it continues to function, and when it wears out, THEN i will consider whats on the horizon at that point.

    but ill be damned if ill spend $800 on a minute upgrade like this. once the competition does a brilliant job of combining memory, screen res, form factor, os, and keyboards into a smartphone, im onboard.

    as palmone is currently looking at this moment, most techies will probably go another year or two before upgrading again, at a time they were hoping to upgrade NOW. thats a big disappointment, and palmone has failed to deliver.
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