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    I am trying to send Email on my Treo 600 using my Charter Email account. I am able to receive Email with no problem. Sending Emails, though, does not work. I have the Outgoing Email SMTP Server as:

    This works on my laptop, but doesn't seem to work on my Treo 600. I am using T-Mobile as my phone service provider.

    The error msg I get back on the Treo when trying to send my Charter mail is: We are unable to send mail using: Please go to the Server tab of Account settings to correct this. If the problem continues, contact you mail provider for support.

    Any ideas on how to fix this problem?
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    You may need to have it autheticate the message with your account name and password.
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    I am having the same problem on two of my email accounts on my Treo.....the third works just fine. I have the settings set exactly as they are in Outlook, but still not able to send!
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    I use Time Warner Road Runner e-mail and was able to download e-mails but was unable to send any e-mail. I called Time Warner and they informed me that is was due to the fact that I was not signed in on their service. Thus you have to contact your Telecom. provider and have them give you the stmp server information for their service. You will still keep the POP3 server information for your e-mail, but you will have a different STMP server info to input in your Treo. Hope that helps.

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