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    Hi -- I use the free Eudora 2.1 for Palm -- it does not appear
    to have an automatic background check on any new email

    I'm willing to change to get this kind of feature. I should not
    have to constantly initiate a PULL when PUSH technology has
    been around for decades.

    First -- have a I missed anything that would permit Eudora 2.1
    to the auto-check? Second -- if or if not, what mail program,
    if any can do this?

    The above is based on the assumption that the Palm can have
    a background process (I don't know that it can) that runs
    regardless of what I am running in the foreground (phone, music,
    etc.) I assume it must be able to since I can play my PocketTunes
    from any application, but that may be a false assumption.

    Thanks ahead wizards!

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    Give Chatter a try if your email supports IMAP. It is will accomplish what you're looking for that none of the others have been able to.
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    I highly suggest shelling out a minimal amount of dough for Snappermail. Then get a free program called Treohelper. These combined programs make checking your email as close to "push" as possible. Whatever email account you have you have it alert you via sms that you have a new email. What treohelper does is launch Snappermail which in turn fetches the new mail. You can have treohelper delete that sms so you never see it. This is all done seamlessly. This has worked flawlessly for me & I see no difference with this solution & true "push" technology. Maybe only difference is a few seconds delay...
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    So how do you have TreoHelper delete the SMS message and not launch SMS?

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