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    Hey any one out there have a Gmail invite can send me one? Can you PM me?
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    Sure, I have one for ya, pm me a first and last name and the email address you want me to send the invite to.
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    I have 6 pm me your email. first 6 takes them
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    Not that Google isn't or won't do anything that any of the other email services could do; all users of gmail should check out this site.


    Also, I know many here are a big fan of the Google Toolbar, install that and now Google has access to all of your browsing habbits.

    Now we have Google Desktop allowing Google to index the contents of your computer itself. A one stop subpoena for the FBI.

    For the record, do I ...
    have a Gmail account, yes.
    use google toolbar, not any more (I now use Firefox instead of IE)
    use google desktop, NEVER. (It's bad enough M$ can do this, why let another company?)
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