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    Just downloaded the Nov. 4th issue of PC Magazine from The PC Connection Ad lists the 650 for $599.
    Enquiring minds want to know ...
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    Can you do a screen capture, and post it on this thread?
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    here it is
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    Great info. Thanks. Glad to see they didn't bump the price up.
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    I can't wait for the new Treo's high res screen cuz those pictures look like sheeyite on a Treo 600!
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    I can't find the 650 on PC Connection's web site.
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    Excellent Job!!!
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    I also have the current issue (NOV) of PC Mag. It is the multimedia issue and there is no ad by PC Connection. Where did you find it? The blurry picture that you posted looks strangely like the 600. ????
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    I just called them (PC Connection), and they said that there is T-Mobile version priced at $699. But it is not available for sale yet. She doesn't have a date yet either.

    This is the first time that I hear T-Mobile offers the 650! Great news!
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    i have a fairly good relationship with pcconnection (they gave me free red sox tickets) i'll see what i can dig up...

    my account manager is not in the office, so it'll have to wait till monday... which by then it'll probably be announced.
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    I sure hope that $599 price isn't after the carrier discount. Ugh.

    How much longer till Nokia pairs a thumbboard with one of their Series 60 devices and sells these babies for $0 after carrier discount. Did you all know that you can get an N-Gage for negative dollars (you make money) after rebates now?

    Oh well...I sure hope that palmOne is investing these fat profits wisely. Their really taking advantage of the fact that the competition hasn't figured out how to do the obvious and pair a thumbboard with Series 60 / PPC / MS Smartphone / Palm OS.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    I read on a stock message board today where someone claims that ad is a fake, anyone care to comment?

    Here is the thread:
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    Just to jump in, since this picture aired I have been rather skeptical, as it definitley looks photoshopped. The antena sticking up on the treo, the way everyhting is blurry except some of the text. It just looks like a fake. I guess we'll find out one way or the other in a matter of days thought!
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    Here is the cover from the zinio issue. I do not think anyone would either hack zinio or pc magazine just to in a fake picture.
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    I just got the had copy of the PC Connection in the mail. On the cover of it is the silver Treo 650 without the colored number keys. It says call for best price, I called the number on the front(800-600-8451) but all they knew was $599. He said call the other number (888-294-0269) during business hours.

    Also wanted to point out that they say it has a 1.3MP camera, which we know is wrong.

    For some reason treocentral won't let me upload the images I scanned of the cover and details page. So that sucks, I guess you will have to believe me.
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    I was sceptical so I checked my e-version and found the ad on page 40. It appears to be authentic. Maybe someone should call for details like the ad says and find out what they say.
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    I just called and the representative said that they are $599, but not yet available. She then transfered me to a wireless specialist, and I am now on hold waiting for an availability date...
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    A very polite wireless specialist said that to answer the same question for the 50+ people who call asking it every day, they will not have the Sprint Treo 650 available until Sprint has them available, as they receive their shipments from Sprint, and not directly from PalmOne. He also said that the $599 pricing is either with contract or without; that they do not offer an additional discount for new activations, although Sprint may do this.
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    just called, back ordered, no date as of yet.
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