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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    It's Blazer 4.0 which I believe is supposed to be the best of Blazer and Web Pro.
    Given the icon they are using now I'm guessing it's the next version of Web Pro that many folks were going ape over a few months back. It was not available for the T600 so they were looking for a hack to allow it to work on the T600. Time will tell if my guess is accurate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    The screen is not the "only" good thing. there may not be enough for you and that's cool, but there is more upgraded than a screen.
    As any upgrade, it depends on your needs, wants, and possibly your geek factor. Where it may be heaven sent for one, it is only worthy of a bug squasher for another.

    As for me, I am on the road a lot with work and could really use many of the new features on a daily basis...namely:

    1) Syncing with Exchange (am actually surprised that I have seen virtually no one else excited about i the only one who accesses corp email & outlook?)

    2) The screen (invaluable with spreadsheets, docs, and of course games)

    3) Bluetooth (just think bluetooth keyboards, GPS, headsets, wifi bridges, etc...)

    4) Processor (obviously the faster I can do it the more time I don't have spend looking at it for work).

    5) Removable battery ( a big one for anyone on the road)

    6) The Extras (the extra buttons, better keyboard layout, etc....)

    If this doesn't get you excited.....don't buy....don't upgrade. If it does, then you are probably watching all hints at official dates.

    Do I have my wishlist and am disappointed in some features, of course:

    A) Number one (and a big one).....memory.
    B) Wifi (but that is what the next one is for, i guess)
    C) Portait (makes it easier with spreadsheets)
    D) No antenna
    E) An integrated printer
    F) 3 megapixel camera
    G) Bluetooth biochip to read my mind to call who I want to with just a thought
    H) Wireless VR link to my sunglasses and windsheild to review dates, emails, and phone pad without even looking at the phone (boy reading emails while driving!)

    But that is what innovating is all about. Do you want the upgrades as they come or wait for all to be added until you get any?

    Is the 650 what the 600 should have been? I would have so say in MHO....YES!!!! Would I have rather they had not released the 600 and waited for the 650? NO!!!!!!!!

    As you can guess, I am going to upgrade (in fact I just sold my 600 and accessories for $570 on eBay to pay for it), but it suites my needs. Will I upgrade to the 700?...Yes, unless there is a true Treo Killer out by then.
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    i dunno how old everyone here is but if youre like me.. youre gonna enjoy using the palm nintendo emulator NESEm. i bought it a while back but it was crap cuz of resolution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    Could it be that I was correct about the VGA camera?
    you have been vindicated. I'm glad I, for one, didn't flame you
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    The 650 is what the 600 should have been, that is clear. However in light of the other products coming to market, unless you love PalmOS there are no features of this device that clamour for recommendation over others. This product is clearly aimed at new buyers as many 600 users will not choose to pay the upgrade price for a revision. New buyers, such as myself are going to look at the feature set of this vs the HTC Blue Angel series and the Nokia 6630 and realized that they are all on par.

    There are no clear-cut advantages to getting the Treo 650 over the others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    I have to wonder why folks WITH a 600 would upgrade - however, if one is to get a nonupgrade (that is - a NEW buyer) then this one looks fine.
    As someone who has a 600, I cannot imagine. Of course, at this point no one has offered to sell me one. I do not know what P1 thinks their web page is but it is certainly not an announcement. I have written announcements. I know announcements. This is not an announcement. Announcements talk about availability, distribution, and, most importantly, price.

    I cannot imagine an availability soon enough or a price low enough, that I would go through the grief of trying to upgrade to this thing.

    First, there is the OS upgrade. [Announcements speak to compatibility.] This web page is silent on compatibility. Given the past history, that leads one to expect broken and orphaned applications. One is going to have to upgrade to new versions, pay for new licenses, port and re-register.

    Then there is a new connector. How many times has P1 changed connectors? How many times have they told us, this is the last one? They think of this as a way to sell new accessories but I see it as an increase in system cost to change over. New cables, new GPS, new chargers.

    And, perhaps worst of all, a new keyboard. It is not bad enough that one might have to buy new hardware; that is only money. Then there is installing new software; that is time. But a new keyboard means reprogramming the wetwear. That means money, time, and stress. For stress I should pay? I think not.

    The only thing here that I might pay money for is the new screen. I would not pay for Bluetooth; have tried it, did not like it. I like the idea of a wireless headset but in practice it noisy and had a short battery life. Would like the new screen but, however they price it, the total cost is too high.

    The thing that is not here that would have been a gimme would have been a bigger memory. No Palm user ever has enough memory. Even a mere doubling as they have done in the past would have gotten me; 128 like the competition would have me salivating.

    Not only is there no excitement here, there is positive disappointment. Was it SV who told us that this phone was not for us? I think it was. In any case, it clearly is not for me.
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