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    I am a heavy MS Outlook user and user the standard PocketMirror software provided with my TREO to sync to Outlook.

    Two questions about To Do lists on the TREO:
    1. I like to sort my list alphabetically, either in its entirety or by due date/priority/alpha. Anyone know how to do this?

    2. Whenever I change the due date for an item and hit OK, I am taken to the very bottom of the to do list each time. Then I have to scroll back up to the top again. How can I change a date and return right back to the next item in the To Do list?

    Thanks for anyone's suggestions!
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    re: your item #2 - After I'm taken to the bottom of the list, I just press the "To Do" hard button & it takes you back to the top.
    Hope this helps.
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