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    I'm posting this because I have read a couple of threads that said that the 650 was going to be a little bit different in dimensions than the 600... I was hoping not, because I have 2 proclip mounts in 2 different cars ($35 each) and wasn't looking forward to buying new ones. The only difference in width, as listed on the palmone website, is this:

    TREO 650:
    4.4 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches

    TREO 600
    4.4 x 2.4 x .9 in

    That would be .1 inches wide difference, which I don't think will be a bid deal. Mayble the added rubber to the sides to add the .1? Or they didn't measure precise enough....

    Good news all the way around, you can keep your cases and mounts!! I'm glad they kept it the same size, I am very happy with the 600's size the way it is!!!
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    the cutouts on your case will be different so you probably will not be able to use your case.
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    The ProClip is a plastic 'skeleton' that only touches the phone at top, bottom, and sides, exposing the entire back of the phone. That allows a 600 to be used with a headphone or Bluetooth adaptor with no problem - and should allow the 650 to fit as well.
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    I was conscerned about my Proclip working, I still am. I think the keyboard may have a contour and it might not fit as well. I hope that is not the case.
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    it weighs more than the 600 GSM model (+4 oz), unless the weigh quoted in the specs is only the CDMA weight (finger crossed)
    Off to iPhone land...

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