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    Just saw a one button key fob TV remote that sequences thru all IR codes to turn off any TV. Great for many occasions: bars, waiting rooms, etc... How about doing this with the Treo 600/650? See TV-B-Gone @

    Add two more buttons and do chan UP/DN. Let us know when someone does it for the Treo.

    Regards, FastFrank
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    can you turn on tv?
    ppl would get all pissed off if you turn off their sport channel in the bars
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    IR strength isn't too great on T600
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    NoviiRemote turns your treo into a remote, but you have to manually cycle through all the buttons on the remote and assign them to the corresponding button on your t6. It's a tidious process and in the end you'll find that your IR range is only like 2 ft so it's so not worth it.

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