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    I use ARD among my laptop, desktop, and my partner's desktop inside the house (wireless LAN thru Airport). When I'm at work or out somewhere and need to perform a task on my home desktop, I use PalmVNC on my Treo or VNCThing on my laptop (via either WiFi or Bluetooth DUN, depending on where I am). Since my PowerBook tends to accompany me around the house, I don't really have a need to control my desktop with the Treo.
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    I still can't get it to work, the screen on my Treo just goes grey every time I try it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by danktuft
    I still can't get it to work, the screen on my Treo just goes grey every time I try it...
    What does PalmVNC's log say after you have an unsuccessful connection?
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    Help please! I'm embarassed as I'm an IT guy yet I can't get either PalmVNC or any other VNC to attach to my G5 running ARD. One of the clients (Mocha) claims it may only work on a LAN or locally via BT etc, but PalmVNC is supposed to work. I have port 5900 open on the router and the ARD certainly works ARD to ARD. HELP!
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    Palm VNC clients seem to have problems with ARD. It doesn't respond with a standard initialization string (RFB 3.03 or something like that). I know for a fact mVNC will NOT work with it, and PalmVNC may not either. OSXvnc does work with mVNC, but mVNC and Tiger seem to have problems - the SSH server on Tiger is screwing up something as the connection never makes it to the VNC server, but using a non-Tiger SSH server works fine.

    I encourage anyone using mVNC and Tiger to talk to the author. He's in Japan, but very helpful and knowledgeable. I'm sure he'd appreciate more datapoints (so far, he's only had me to work with, and on Tiger we're at an impasse).
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    I do not know why, but for my setup, on the Mac Side,
    Monitor resolution must be seet to "Thousands" of colors.
    I also downsized the monitor to 1024x768 and that seemed to help.

    I used TightVNC from a PC to control my Mac
    For Tight VNC, Mac Main Monitor is at Public-IP:1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ti-maniac
    I've got it going over bluetooth with the 650. See the Mac on the 650! But what I would really like is a VNC "server" for the palm. Can't find one. It would be very useful to see the 650 on the mac and run it there.
    This probably does not exist because no cellular internet provider provides an IP you can connect to your cellphone on. Your treo can connect out to a VNC server, but even if you had a VNC server on the treo there would be no way to connect in to it.
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    VNC on the Treo 650 and 700p is possible using Palm VNC 2.0 and 2.5 and connect to OS X. The trick is to NOT use ARD. Instead install your own VNC server. I prefer using Vine (formerly called OSXVNC) on your Mac and leave the proper ports available (5900 or 5901) depending on what monitor number selected. Mocca VNC also works with this setup that is available for the Palm
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    I have VineServer and am using 2.0 of Palm VNC. My IP from my ISP is dynamic, so I created an acount on and registered the host name, and use that to connect. I am using the pain in the *** Apple Airport Extreme (white) router and I have forwarded 5900, 5901 to my internal 10.x address. It only works once in a while and I can't figure out why. I do IT support , so I'm pretty well versed in setting up VPON, and other remote software.

    However, I am at a total loss here, as I have done everything in regards to port forwarding on the router and enableing VNC through using the OS X Firewall. The log just says "can't connect tox.x.x.x:5900.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please post and also email me.

    Thank You
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    I'd like to chime in on this old thread that the current release of mVNC (2.x) and Vine Server work great together. I tunnel through SSH, which is a must for security. Everything works flawlessly, and is great on the 700p.
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