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    I was wondering if the Treo 600 has a way of synching with Microsoft Outlook (contacts, appointments, calendar, etc...)? Is there an app that can be purchased to make this happen?
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    the pocketmirror which comes with the CD installation can let you sync up with outlook.

    if you want to sync up ur inbox, you can get the Inbox-To-Go.
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    It's part of the software that comes with it.
    During software installation you are given the choice of syncing with palm desktop or outlook. Hit your start button then look at the Handspring/Palmone programs and you should see one named "Outlook Conduit Install".
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    Great, thanks for the responses! I'm thinking of purchasing a T600 for my wife and synching with outlook would be a priority, so this is great news! BTW, I'm holding out for the T650!
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    Other options for greater synchronization of Outlook data are Beyond Contacts and KeySuite. Pocket Mirror has some limitations because the built-in Calendar, Contacts, Memo, and ToDo applications don't have the same fields as what is available with the applications I've mentioned.
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    If you don't mind spending the money, I absolutely love Beyond Contacts by dataviz.
    It's kind of like Outlook for palm. For better or for worse, it uses a completely independent database for contacts, notes, etc which makes it very seemless with outlook.
    The downside is that the contacts in Beyond Contacts don't necessarily always integrate with other programs like the built in contacts list. For example a contact in BC will not work with the callerID. As a result they offer a way to import conacts from BC into the built in contacts list. I chose not to do this, I just duplicate the ones that call on a regular basis.
    The upside is that it keeps my work and personal stuff separate. BC syncs with my work outlook (contacts, calenar, notepad) and I use the built in calendar. notes, contacts for personal use. I do copy some frequent contacts from BC into the personal calendar for the callerID that I use regularly.

    Anyway, it's worth a look. It's a free trial. Just thought I'd throw that out here.

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