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    If you were to vote for a SINGLE software on your Treo that makes it a indispensable tool, a SOFTWARE that would actually make you think twice of switching phones or platforms, which ONE would it be?

    My Vote: CallFilter

    Ironically, I use this gem extensively for everything but its original intent - blocking caller ids etc.
    The part I use e-v-e-r-y single day is the notes/scheduling option at the end of every phone call. This is just TOO useful to me since I manage about a dozen emplyees in my company - union and the need for keeping a trail of phone call time stamps, conversation notes is VERY important to me.

    In fact, this one piece of software is keeping me from looking at a fully equipped company provided blackberry (free to boot) simply because of its powerful features.

    Plus, the Jabra ON/OFF button fix is huge too!

    Anyone else have a software that they simply cannot do without?
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    I have used Brightcam on and off on several occasions but never felt fully confident that it was working or was saving any worthwhile battery juice.
    I may not have done the initial settings right.... dunno...but I always keep going back to it for another try because of the cool concept...
    I have detailed files.
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    Qset makes my Treo pics worth looking at on the desktop.
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    Lets not forget chatter push e mail

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    Its a triple threat tie for me

    Snapper Mail
    Reqwireless Webviewer
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    snapper mail here.
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    PDA Net
    In airports, on the road, hotel rooms, in customer's conference rooms, virtually anywhere, I can connect my laptop via USB and get the laptop connected faster than a dialup and into my company VPN without burning minutes or at any extra cost (via Sprint Vision). My coworkers with Blackberries turn green with envy at this every time.
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    TakePhone - Makes the Treo phone infinitely better
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    Mine would come down to (2) email products. Number ONE is Sprint's PCS Business Connection. Number two is Chatter Mail.
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    I have a tie: Chatter and WebViewer.
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    Chatter, by far...
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    No doubt, question or reservation ... Agendus Pro v8
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    snappermail and directory assistant.
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    Mine will soon be VoiceLauncher
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    I would throw in FastForward.
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    The three programs I use the most are chatter-2day and 4cast all three get my vote
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    This is a tough one. I can include several that are tied for first-place in my opinion but listing just one is a challenge. If you don't have Sprint, then FastForward is extremely useful. I agree with dpwaters that the VoiceLauncher WILL BE the biggest, baddest app when it comes out of alpha/beta. I'd also have to say 2day, TAKEphONE when used in concert are incredibly useful.
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    Definitely PDAnet, no more searching for hotspots!
    Michael Young
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