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    Agendus and Smartlist to Go
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    This thread would be a lot more useful if posters would say something about the software they nominate -- what it does, for starters, and why they like it. Just listing the name of a software program that I've never heard of doesn't do much to spark the imagination.

    /constructive feedback
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    wwcalc this program is a free program to track weight watchers points. i use this everyday as i'm trying to lose some of my baby fat. this program is hard to get though becuase weight watchers tried sueing the developer.

    snappermail is a great product that i use every hour, on the hour.
    treo guard turns the screen off while i'm on a call.
    x launcher is a great application launcher

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    where can I get the latest version of WW? I could only find the first version, and there is a fourth release somewhere!!
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    you can get it here, after you follow the instructions.

    if i had the file i would send it to you. it's on my treo, but i can't figure out how to get it off of it so i could send it. i beamed it off my 7135 to my treo.

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    For me "1 Button +" Launcher / DayNotez / Agendus Pro / Bonsai and I just downloaded Handmark Express and WideFind .... they may be pretty cool apps.

    Of all the above....."1 Button +" Launcher is a must.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalazano
    For me "1 Button +" Launcher / DayNotez / Agendus Pro / Bonsai and I just downloaded Handmark Express and WideFind .... they may be pretty cool apps.

    Of all the above....."1 Button +" Launcher is a must.

    Instead of Widefind try Wassdat, it's cheaper! I don't know if widefind lets you do this but wassdat also lets you create your own search sites - so if you don't want to use you can use another online dictionary, for example. I've also got mine to produce maps when I enter a postcode by incorporating multimap
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    Chatter ROCKS!!! Screw Snappermails bloat
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    I find that i use Splash Money and Splash Id the most. Years ago i was syncing M$ Money to my pda but i no longer feel the need to even sit at my desktop much any longer. Entering a charge on my debit card as the clerk is ringing me up has completely cleared up my financial information. I'm tracking my student loan, mortgage, car payments as well as my bank accounts and credit cards. Heck, i even have a paypal account that i keep track of with it. And Splash Id just does a fine job keeping my passwords and account numbers handy, fairly secure, and coordinated between my Treo and computers.
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    TreoOffOn is my essential utility.
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    Snappermail, then skeezwer via blazer.

    rbatsun - out
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    what is treooffon? I could not find it at palmgear.
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    Based on how much I use it, I would have to say KeyCaps600. I text alot and have gotten so used to having it, I almost forgot it when thinking of the best program. Great app if you enter text in your Treo.
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    I would have to say that Butler formally known as TreoBuler is by far the most valuable app for the Treo 600.
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    If you don't know, you better ask somebody.
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    SplashID is a really useful way of keeping all your credit cards, social security ID etc etc on hand and secure.

    Worldmate is my second nomination, a real boon for checking weather, currencies, time zones etc when you travel a lot, as I do.
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    Fitness Plus
    Teal Auto
    Directory Assistant
    Snapper Mail
    I would have to say my favorite app is webviewer its much faster than any of its competition. I just hope the 650 has the java files built in.
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    Pocket Tunes deluxe (shoutcast)

    Of course I could list great apps all day but if I had to chose only 10, those would be it. Profiles + CallFilter lets me take total control of my phone, truly unique. SnapperMail + TreoHelper lets me use Sieve's notify command to "push" mail to my Treo in a programatic way based on time, sender, subject etc. RescoViewer lets me easily zoom in on attachments and pictures taken with the camera. I buy a lot of artwork (anime cels) and recieve many large picture attachments throughout the week. The Treo gives me a bit of advantage over other collectors because I'm alerted of new artwork very quickly and can respond/buy quickly. I've bought many things waiting in line for lunch!
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    Hard to pick just one. There are a number of utilities (Butler, PhoneGuard, PocketProtector, TreoAlertMgr, TreoHelper that greatly improve my use of the device, but aren't really the reason why I use the device. I'd say the two apps that are most important, that I use the most, and that give me the most return on investment are:

    ReqWireless Browser
    Datebook 5
    Bob Meyer
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    I personally love Directory Assistance. I wish the gentleman who made this program would update it. I would gladly pay $20 for its use. Bobs alarm also kicks ***. I use it more, then Directory Assistance, but it is not nearly as invaluable.
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