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    Someone guide the uneducated here....There are many FM transmitters that can be used to play music through the radio....Does anybody know a AM/FM transmitter so I can listen to the AM or FM stations through my TREO 600?
    Thanks in advance!
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    I think you're mixing up your terms. From the explanation, I'm getting that what you want is an AM/FM receiver for your Treo 600, not a transmitter. A transmitter sends, a receiver...well, receives.

    Anyway, if that's what you're looking for (a radio adapter for the Treo), it doesn't exist. It can't be made in software because the Treo's antenna isn't designed to receive AM/FM signals. It can be made in hardware, but then it would just be a standalone device, because there's no need to interface with the Treo.

    You can get one of those FM radio headsets that plug into the Treo's headset jack and double as a radio and handsfree headset, but the radio part of it is completely separate from the Treo and will work even if not plugged in to the Treo. Also, they don't pick up AM.
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    if you get the deluxe version of Pocket Tunes, you can listen to streaming radio via Shoutcast. Check it out at

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