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    I don't think this has been covered anywhere else. I was searching to see if there was any progress on getting Skype, a Peer-to-peer SIP client, ported over to the treo, as they anounced they would a few months ago. During my search, I found this:

    pulver.Communicator: MOBILE - In addition to the pulver.Communicator version currently available for Windows XP/2000, we are currently alpha testing versions of pulver.Communicator for mobile devices including: PocketPC, RIM and PalmOS. Please click here if you would like to apply to join the beta testing of pulver.Communicator Mobile.
    For those who haven't heard of it, FreeWorldDialup is a free VoIP SIP system, and Pulver has been one of it's most active advocates. They already have a product in beta called pulver.Communicator for windows, which is like a combination between Skype and Trillian (it integrates MSN, Yahoo, AIM, and ICQ allong with PC-based telephony.) It appears that they are also working on clients for PalmOS, PocketPC and RIM. Lets hope.

    Although it is preconfigured to point at the FreeWorldDialup service, it can be reconfigured to point at any SIP server, making it theoretically compatible with things like Vonage and VoicePulse. Imagine that on your Treo.

    Check it out at:
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    Great..!thanks for the info....!

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