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    Under which name does the Treo store the Call Log? I had to miss my Treo 600 for two months (I hate KPN Netherlands, they give Dutch Service) and I just succesfully restored all the data back to my Treo. Except for the call log.

    I used the occassion to clean up all the software in the Backups folder and manually picked only those I really continue to use.

    Except for the call log as I said. I like to be able to scroll back for years to see all the calls I made on my Treo 600 or 270 (perhaps even VisorPhone calls are still in my call log? dunno).

    Does anyone know how I get my call log back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MVT
    Strange, that one was missing in my Backups folder. But after a bit of searching I found a backup from a while ago in an archive. At list that one is 150Kb, better than nothing at all. Thanks for the hint.

    Is it also possible to convert this file to a spreadsheet in some way for further analysis? Some call plans give discounts if you give a top-5 of numbers you call.

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