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    This is a follow-up to degelfuso's thread below:

    I just picked a up a new Kingmax 1 GB 60X SD card.

    First thing I did upon insertion was run VFSMark and got (mostly) great scores:
    VFSMark Overall Score: 294
    Individual Scores: 523/462/13/160/406/45/401/326/314

    Then, I ran CardSpeed, with very poor results (warning dialog box came up):
    Wrt32bit:19 bytes/sec
    Wrt8KB:30804 bytes/sec
    Read8KB: 609637 bytes/sec

    I formatted the card with CardInfo on the Treo, then ran CardSpeed immediately thereafter:
    Wrt32bit:453 bytes/sec
    Wrt8KB:349525 bytes/sec
    Read8KB: 609637 bytes/sec

    Then, I ran VFSMark again, with less than stellar results:
    VFSMark Overall Score: 200
    Individual Scores: 69/69/13/160/406/44/403/323/314

    It seems that once something has been written to the card once, the write speeds go into the toilet. Note the first VFSMark test - the first three tests are:
    File Create: 523%
    File Delete: 462%
    File Write: 13%

    Whatever happened in the create/delete test seems to have knackered the write test in step 3.

    In the quoted thread jerrykid5000 indicated that once he/she formatted the card once all subsequent tests were faster. Am I right on this jerrykid5000? In my case, formatting the card seems to generate one good test, but all subsequent tests are bad.

    Can anyone else verify my results? Anyone have any solutions/suggestions?


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    Hummm... I just bought the same card and experienced the same thing... I too would appreciate any tips.
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    I have tested the card in my Zire 71 and have had similar results - looks like it's not a Treo 600 specific problem. I've contacted Kingmax - but I'm not holding my breath. Could be a PalmOS incompatibility - I'm going to test the card on my PC.

    The odd thing is that the card tests well either immediately after a format or after ejection and reinsertion. As soon as you write something to the card, though, the write speeds go in the toilet thereafter. This does not bode well.

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    Tested this card with similar results (test shows "not recommended" while a Lexar card passes fine). The same standard 1GB Lexar card (NOT 32x) backed up 20MB of data with Backupman on a Treo 600 in about 2 minutes, while this "60x" card took over 7 minutes to backup the same data with the same program. Additionally, the card is about half the thickness of standard SD cards, which I have noticed can cause issues with "catching" inner parts of the SD slot not designed for the angle this card can be inserted at. Chances are pretty good of breaking inner parts of your Treo's SD slot with this card with continued use.

    Although it looked like a decent deal, I gotta look into returning it. Even Sandisk cards would be a safer bet than this one.
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    Hi All,

    Unfortunately I too bought a King Max extreme 1Gb SD card. Unfortunately a two days before I saw this thread.

    Anyway, I also got a SD reader/writer device to push stuff into the SD instead of the slow serial/usb interface.

    This is what I found.

    Normally, the Treo will create a Audio/ directory in the SD card. And DCIM/ and PALM/ directories.

    Now if I plug in the SD reader/writer device into the phone and transfer about
    73 Mb of MP3s into the Audio/ folder, windows tells me its a bit more then 3 minutes. (ie it shows 3 minutes and then 2 minutes etc).

    If I transfer to the top most directory (root folder), I get about 2+ minutes..

    Then I attempt to delete the same set of files in the Audio/ folder and in the root folder. The Audio/ folder deletion seems much slower, as the root folder simply flies.

    So from what I gather, the Kingmax card seems to have problems with folders per se. Root folder transfer are really up to spec but any sub folder is like a turtle.

    Now how do we make all the Treo software use the root folder ? Any suggestions? I'm not palm OS hack by any long shot. Although I'm more of a network security engineer.


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    I've sent an e-mail asking for answers from the folks at Kingmax. No replies as of yet. I'm not holding my breath. For now, though, these cards seem to be lame ducks. Fast at reading data, crappy at writing. I don't know about you, but I didn't see any disclaimer on my packaging - just a big, bold "60X". Gotta love marketing.

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    I had one on order, but when I saw this thread I cancelled it. It was too late for my friend. I did multiple tests with his card on my treo and got an average vfs score of 183. Not really 60X!!!!
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    Here is the reply I received from Kingmax support:

    "...Firstly ,I would like to thank you for all the testing information you provide. That's very helpful for improve our product.

    Actually, our Kingmax SD card 60X speed is base on the testing result of special equipment call "TESTMETRIX" had meet 9MB/sec (60X) sequential read and write speed, and then we were sent this testing report to the "SDA" (Secure digital association) to qualify this product before Kingmax release
    the product to the market. But as I knew, our SD card random write speed
    is slower than other cards, and this issue is not just happen in Kingmax SD card. Because the problem is on the SD card controller chipset, and many Taiwan SD card manufactory is using same controller chip as Kingmax has.
    So that's NOT our Kingmax simply a design defect. You also can compare some Taiwan Brand SD card to confirm this information.

    Second, Most portable device such as digital camera, digital camcorder and
    Even some PDA (HP/Compaq ,Dell ,Asus ect.)didn't care about this Random write speed. And Palm also didn't open their technology on the market, that's why so difficult to find their specification of device host controller chip.
    And the SD card product is NOT just design for Palm PDA only, so their devices can not qualify the speed of SD card, only SDA does.
    But I will forward your message to our R&D department, let them handle this case and contact the Palm Company immediately to solve the problem.

    By the way, did Palm utilities result show any "sequential write" or "random write" speed on the report? Did you also do some compare testing under window operating system? If yes, what is the write speed of result?
    Thank you very much and have nice day."

    So, there you have it. It's Palm's fault. Hmph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smg669
    In my case, formatting the card seems to generate one good test, but all subsequent tests are bad.

    Can anyone else verify my results?
    Yep: in this thread. Hopefully the Treo650 will be able to take advantage of the faster speed cards. We should know in a week or so....

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    just posted new vfsmark and cardspeed results on the SD card benchmark site -

    interesting results. most of the test results are much better than on the treo 600 - except for the all important 'file write' test, which is exactly the same incredibly sluggish speed as before. but the cumulative results bring the vfsmark value to 423 - the best yet for any treo, by a wide margin.

    i posted to PalmOne's new support forums about the slow speeds on the treo 600. no response from any P1 staff as yet, but another guy did bring up the valid point that vfsmark is more than three years old - and has to run in 'emulation' mode on the treo, so that may goober-up the results to some degree.

    anyway, check out the results.
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    I tried copying some mp3's to my sd card via hotsync, and it took around 10 seconds or less to transfer about 3.5 mb. I don't know what speed that is exactly, but it doesn't seem too bad? Is that considered slow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fgallina

    I tried copying some mp3's to my sd card via hotsync, and it took around 10 seconds or less to transfer about 3.5 mb. I don't know what speed that is exactly, but it doesn't seem too bad? Is that considered slow?

    is it the kingmax 60x card, or something else? the kingmax card writes are much slower than that.
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    It was the kingmax 60x card. I did the vfsmark tests and got the same results as you, anastrophe, but the actual write speed doesn't seem bad. Maybe it has to do with the emulation speed like you said. Have you tried timing actual hotsyncs yet? Thanks.


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