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    I stopped by the Orange Shop today on Fleet Street (London) and enquired about getting a Treo. The sales rep told me that they aren't able to get any Treo 600s anymore and wished me the best of luck trying to get one from Orange.

    He didn't seem to know anything about the *new* 650s.

    Makes me wonder....
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    thanks for the 5th update on this. it's very much appreciated.
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    orange have the treo 650 on there system but no date as yet ,, i keep trying ,, wish they would give us a date i nearly went for a sony 910i it was hard to say nooooooooooooooo
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    Oops! Missed the other dialogue... Sorry, my bad.

    Incidently, Ive been considering a SE P910i as well. I have a mate that adores his SE 900.
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