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    after the sd card has been read by the Mac !! Because of the files beginning by a dot as .ds_store or .trash which are created by the Mac !

    How can i do to delete these files or to make my Treo not crah ?
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    Hmmm, I use my Treo and SD card with my mac, and there are tons of .ds_store files all over the card, and mine doesn't crash.

    Which carrier/OS version?
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    Carrier : Orange France. If you have an idea on how to remove this files or make the treo not crash, it would be very nice !
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    Those files shouldn't make your Treo crash. I can't think of any way to delete them based on what you say, because the Mac automatically creates those files for every folder on the SD card (the files contain harmless info used by Finder on the Mac). If your Treo didn't crash, then you could use a file browsing utility like FileZ to delete them, but they would just come back the next time you use the SD card with your Mac.

    Do you have access to a Windows computer? You could look at the SD card in Windows and delete the files. But I still don't think the files are the cause of the problem, unless the hidden files or something else the Mac is doing is conflicting with something in your Treo.

    What software programs do you have on the Treo? Some utilities do things when you insert the SD card. See if you can disable such programs and try inserting the card again. When you say crash, I assume you mean the Treo resets itself. Does it keep resetting until you take the SD card out? When does it crash? When you insert, or some other time?

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