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    I've just bought aTreo 600 from Orange UK, great deal 25 per month ie about $40 with the Treo free. I love the handheld, previously having a 270, there are a couple of minor problems. Under preferences in the application menu although the set date and set time work perfectly, when I try to set the time zone the device crashes and restarts. The other thing is that on the 270 I used rechoecho to great effect( I believe it doesn't work on the 600) so I downloaded graffiti anywhere but could not get it to work at all. Anybody out there with any ideas, thanks for any help. Mel.
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    I've heard about that time zone problem before. What version of the firmware do you have? Is it the latest available for Orange Treos? I don't remember if newer firmware solves the issue. You might also want to contact Orange tech support or customer service in case its defective.

    As for Graffiti Anywhere, I wouldn't know since I like the keyboard, but I did a quick search on these forums and found this thread that might help:
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    the version of palm software is 5.2.1 if that means any thing to you, as it's the weekend no chance to contact the Orange tech dept yet. I have been using the keyboard more and more but graffiti comes in useful sometimes. Anybody out there tried Leonard Maltin's Movie guide obtainable as a download, it's really good, nice and easy to operate with some powerful tools. Mel
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    5.2.1 is the PalmOS version of the PDA in the phone. I'm reffering to the firmware version of the phone side of things. You can find this out by going to the phone app, pressing the menu button, and going to phone-->options-->phone info. You'll see info about hte phone, including the sofware version. It looks like the latest for Orange Treo 600 phones is 1.12.
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    Thanks for that. You're right about the phone firmware it is not the most recent, I followed your URL to Orange but the instuctions about updating were a bit scary especially the one that said it would be ok with Mac OS 10.1- 10.3.3 and I am running 10.3.5. So I have sent an email to Orange asking how relevant this might be. You seem very genned up, what do you think?

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