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    Microsoft Voice Command is actually very cool. It really is the best speech recognition software for handhelds on the market.

    Quote Originally Posted by BillK400
    WOW!..this is why I want a palm os smartphone (doesn't necessarily need to be a palmone device...but untill one better than the treo comea long...) not a RIM / Blackberry device (never see any creativity like this on those devices) or a PPC device (can you imagine the size of the program, its complexity and the probable crashes/problems on a MS based smartphone). I am frequently totally surprised by the "magic" that developers can do with the palm os...KEEP IT UP!!!!
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    Can this dial other characters? for eaxample a number with an extension dialed after the appropriate pause?

    123 555-1212,,,,,123

    Please advise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JFMw
    Jabra with dongle is working (and a new release will let you use the headset button without any issue), but bluetooth native mode is not working currently on Treo650. It might not be so difficult to enable native bluetooth support, but I don't have 650 in Europe for tests, and bluetooth part is entirely undocumented by palmOne :-(

    Regards, Jean-Francois.
    Jean-Francois, (it's been 2 mths) any update on this? Read that the 650 will be hitting Euroland pretty soon. Hopefully we won't have to wait that much longer for Bluetooth VoiceLauncher!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JFMw
    Problem is now fixed in 0.9.22 (available at
    Sorry for this (silly) issue
    Thanks very much Jean-Francois! I forgot to check this thread since my last post and didn't realize this issue was fixed. If I leave "Enable headset to play sounds" checked the problem is still there, but if I uncheck it it works fine.
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