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    I am working on watching movies on my Treo and managed to get everything working, but for some reason the MMPlayer already has a registration number entered under the "register" tab, and all I can do is hit ok. That registration code is not working though and i get the "register to view" screen overlay for an unregistered player.

    My question is. Since I guess there is some sort of file on the treo or my synched mac that keeps re-entering that faulty registration number every time I install a new MMplayer (3 times so far) I would like to know how to remove it so I can install MMplayer once more, register it and get going! The problem is that it won't let me enter a new code, but just displays this useless code under the "register" tab..

    help appreciated :)

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    Email support ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlbrummels
    Email support ?
    Ditto. They are very responsive.

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